Project Pigeon Pal! Facts and Activities to Instill Respect and Appreciation for Pigeons

Anyone who’s ever been to a park—or a parking lot—has likely seen pigeons, probably in large numbers. But how much do you know about these feathered friends? Maybe not much, and it’s probably safe to assume the same of your students. Both adults and children are less likely to appreciate animals they don’t understand, which … Read more »

Kindness Bingo: An Empathy-for-All Spinoff of the Classic Game

Games are a great way to engage children and motivate participation, and when they promote empathy and compassion for others, everyone wins! That’s why we created Kindness Bingo. In this spinoff of the classic game, children are prompted to complete acts of kindness for others. Some of them are big tasks, like going “trash fishing” … Read more »

Kindness Tags to Celebrate and Inspire Your Students’ Compassion!

Kindness recognition tags from TeachKind are a fantastic tool to reinforce your classroom’s culture of compassion by celebrating and inspiring kindness to all.

Animals Aren’t Natural Resources, They Use Them! A New Activity From TeachKind

TeachKind’s new natural resources lesson has a compassionate, animal-friendly twist and teaches students that sentient beings aren’t natural resources.

Using Empowering Affirmations to Cultivate Empathy in Your Students

Help students cultivate empathy and kindness toward themselves and others with these fun, empowering affirmation activities from TeachKind!

TeachKind Rescue Stories: ‘Saving Samson the Beagle’

Rescue stories reveal the stark reality that many animals face, but their happy endings empower students, making these true accounts ideal for learners of all ages and abilities.

TeachKind Hosts ‘Meet the Author’ Events With Stewart Mitchell, Author of ‘Liberation Summer’
Literary Theme Lesson: Taking a Stand—Empower Students With ‘Liberation Summer’

Theme lessons help students connect to a text and relate it to real life. Here’s a theme lesson for a powerful story your students are sure to enjoy.

3 Fish-Friendly Activities to Teach Students Empathy

Don’t judge a book by its cover. As one scientist says, “Fish are more intelligent than they appear.”

5 Reasons Why Your School Should Steer Clear of ‘Adopt a Cow’ Programs

Don’t be fooled by misleading “adopt a cow” programs.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals
‘Jack and the Bean Stew’: A Tale of Plants, Animals, and Adventure

Have students take a deep dive into the story of “Jack and the Bean Stew” with Lean & Green Kids and TeachKind.

Create a Compassionate Word Wall for Every Grade Level

Make a new word wall using these terms, or integrate compassionate words into an existing word wall to promote empathy for all living, feeling beings.

How to Incorporate Animal Rights Into Your Elective Classes

In some schools, elective course subjects extend beyond the standard art or foreign language classes. More and more schools are incorporating a wider range of electives or bonus classes to help diversify student skills and knowledge. Some schools refer to these as “exploratory classes,” and the subject matter often diverges from the typical K–12 academic … Read more »

Teach Students How to Be a Hero for Insects in the Classroom

Model for students what to do when insects or spiders find their way indoors.

This Robotic Elephant Is Helping Students Say NO to Circuses

Thousands of elementary school students across the country have already heard Ellie the mechanical elephant’s empowering message!

‘Like You, Only Different’ Personality Quiz and Nameplates Icebreaker Activity

Set a compassionate tone for your classroom with playful, informative nameplates.

A Rat’s Life

Teach younger students about cruel animal experiments with an engaging, colorful comic book and thought-provoking worksheets.

Get Inspired to Save Animals With this Fun Outdoor Activity!

Teach students to act responsibly for the planet and all animals.

Teach Students the Importance of ‘Veganizing’ Their Plates

Show students how easy it is to make every aspect of their meals vegan—with TeachKind.

Advocating for an End to the Iditarod With Your Elementary School Students (Grades 3–5)

Use the following clips from Sled Dogs to initiate discussions about the Iditarod with your students.

2020 in Review: How TeachKind Rallied for Students, Educators, and Animals

In spite of 2020’s obstacles, humane educators continued teaching their students the importance of being kind to animals.

How to Help Animals During the Holidays With TeachKind

Teach students to show compassion to animals this holiday season and beyond.

Animal Companions
Lecciones de español y recursos para el aprendizaje de TeachKind

Una colección de recursos de TeachKind en español.

Delle the Dolphin Says: Animals Have Needs and Wants, Too! (Grades 3–5)

Delle the dolphin teaches students that each animal is someone, not something, and that all living, feeling beings—regardless of species—deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

Edge Innovations
3 Animal-Friendly Ways to Celebrate the ‘Year of the Ox’ With Your Class

The Chinese Lunar New Year brings us the Year of the Ox, so let’s learn more about these gentle and emotionally complex animals.

Engage Students With These Humane Virtual Activities!

Introduce students to these fun exercises to keep them learning and excited about animals.

The Good Kid Project: Stories That Teach Compassion and Equality

Exciting news! TeachKind has partnered with The Good Kid Project to bring educators new humane materials.

Our Favorite TeachKind Lessons for Summer School!

TeachKind invites summer school educators to supplement their curriculum with our humane education activities and lessons.

Backyard Learning: Scavenger Hunt

Students may be staying home, but that doesn’t mean summer learning has to stop.

Let TeachKind Help You—With Our Virtual Lessons and Activities

While you’re teaching virtually, make use of our array of interactive digital resources.

Summertime Kindness to Animals Activity Choice Boards
Attention, Parents! Virtual Learning Resources for Grades K–12

Keep kids learning at home with compassionate lessons.

Help Children Develop Social and Emotional Learning Skills With TeachKind Resources

In this time of self-isolation, students can still hone their social and emotional learning skills with TeachKind resources.

Teaching Virtually? Students Can Still Meet Ellie the Elephant
Celebrate National Library Week at Home With TeachKind!

This National Library Week, take advantage of TeachKind’s many literary resources from the comfort of your own home.

Paint at Home Digitally With TeachKind Coloring Sheets!

Kids can use the Paint feature on a computer with our coloring sheets to create unique, animal-friendly works of art.

Drop the Egg Experiment in Favor of Humane STEM Activities

Avoid supporting the cruel egg industry by replacing the “egg drop” experiment with one of these nine projects.

PETA Wants You to Invite This Cow and Elephant to Your School

Carly and Ellie are ambassadors for all animals—and they’ll inspire your students to speak up for animals, too!

6 Empathy-Building Ways to Celebrate the ‘Year of the Rat’ in Your Classroom

The Chinese Lunar New Year brought us the Year of the Rat, so let’s learn more about these smart and sensitive animals.

© Pazhiltseva
TeachKind Makes It Easy to Teach Empathy in the Classroom

TeachKind offers many free resources to help teachers instill kindness in their students—here’s how your class can take advantage of them.

Animal-Friendly Word Problems

Teach students how to be compassionate toward animals through the language used in mathematical word problems.

‘Meeting the Needs of Companion Animals’ Lesson

Teach students about the responsibility that comes with having an animal companion, touching on both their physical and emotional needs.

Grades 3-5 Printables

Use these resources to further students’ understanding of various animal rights issues. The application of this age-appropriate material can promote compassion and empathy for all living, feeling beings. Click on the image to download the PDF file. Click on the text below it to access the corresponding lesson. Coloring Sheets and Activities Comprehension Worksheets Graphic … Read more »

Rescue Stories Printables

Use these resources to further students’ understanding of various animal rights issues. The application of this age-appropriate material can promote compassion and empathy for all living, feeling beings. Click on the image to download the PDF file. Click on the text below it to access the corresponding lesson. Grades K-2 Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8 Grades … Read more »

TeachKind Rescue Stories: Christmas the Puppy’s First Holiday

Rescue stories reveal the stark reality that many animals face, but their happy endings motivate students to take action, making them ideal for learners of all ages and abilities.

5 Humane Education Resources for Students With Special Needs

Humane education and special education share several core values. Both practices aim to modify the general education curriculum to include those who are marginalized and use unconventional teaching methods. Both place social and emotional learning at the forefront of a child’s education and recognize that academic content can—and should—be taught in tandem with soft skills … Read more »

Someone, Not Something: Animals Have Needs and Wants, Too! (Grades 3–5)

Ellie the elephant teaches students that each animal is someone, not something, and that all living, feeling beings—regardless of their species—deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

Humane Education Lessons for Building Character

With a little creativity, you can teach any positive character trait through humane education.

Empathy-Building Literacy Centers: Betta Fish Belong in the Wild

Bettas are beautiful and unique fish with brightly colored bodies and long, flowing fins. Like all fish, they want to be free, in their natural habitat.

TeachKind Rescue Stories: Rescued Rats Find New Home

Rescue stories reveal the stark reality that many animals face, but their happy endings motivate students to take action, making them ideal for learners of all ages and abilities.

What’s a Vegan? Activities to Answer This Question for Students of All Ages

Being vegan is simple, but the ethics behind a lifestyle that doesn’t use animals are complex. Use TeachKind resources to explain them to students in easy-to-understand terms.

DIY: Make Vegan Ice Cream with Your Students

Set aside some time to make vegan ice cream with your students in the classroom.

Inspiring Rescue Videos to Teach Compassion for Fish

Rescue videos aren’t just fun to watch—use them to motivate students to learn about and be kind to animals.

Fishing: Activities to Teach About the Human Impact on the Environment

Can you imagine oceans with no fish in them? According to some researchers, that might be the situation by 2048 if humans keep eating as many fish as they do now.

TeachKind Rescue Stories: Freddie on the Run (Grades 3–5)

Rescue stories reveal the stark reality that many animals face, but their happy endings motivate students to take action, making them well suited to learners of all ages and abilities.

Sea Life, Not Seafood: Lessons on ‘A Fish’s Life’

Help students see what life is like from the perspective of aquatic animals.

Host a Fun and Scary Animal-Friendly ‘Book-O-Ween’ in Your Classroom

Books and Halloween can be a match made in humane-education heaven. Who knew?

Fish Are Friends: Order ‘A Fish’s Life’ Comic Books for Your K–5 Classroom

Fish are smart and clever social animals with unique personalities—and just like dogs, cats, and humans, fish can be hurt and have the capacity to suffer. According to scientists who study pain, their pain response is virtually identical to that of mammals and birds. Because of this, fish deserve our consideration and kindness. When these … Read more »

Alicia Silverstone Voices Carly the Cow, Who Asks Kids to Ditch Dairy

How do you teach kids about the dark side of dairy? Directly from the cow’s mouth! Voiced by Alicia Silverstone, Carly the cow is helping students go dairy-free.

TeachKind Rescue Stories: Esther the Wonder Pig

Rescue stories reveal the stark reality that many animals face, but their happy endings motivate students to take action, making them ideal for learners of all ages and abilities.

Encourage Peace for Animals With TeachKind’s Holiday Ornament Crafts

This holiday season, give animals the ultimate gift by spreading awareness of their rights with these easy and adorable DIY ornaments.

This DIY ‘Empathy Ball’ Game Will Be a New Favorite Classroom Icebreaker

Get your students to bond and start thinking about empathy toward animals and each other with this fun activity.

‘Main Idea’ Sorting Game: Find Supporting Details in Animal Comics

Have students identify the main idea, and sprinkle in compassion for animals, too!

Engage and Inspire With Compassionate Comics—Inference Task Cards

Fostering compassion for animals and practicing reading strategies can occur simultaneously!

Download a Class Set of Kindness Pledges

Start the year off right! Foster a compassionate classroom environment by using our printable kindness pledges for grades K–5.

Set Kind Classroom Goals With TeachKind’s New Year Activities

What better time is there than the new year to recommit to the kind standards that you set for your class at the beginning of the school year?

TeachKind Rescue Stories: Jake’s Recovery

Rescue stories reveal the stark reality that many animals face, but their happy endings motivate students to take action, making these stories ideal for learners of all ages and abilities.

Animal Companions
Language Learning Through Humane Education (ESL)

A child’s affinity for animals transcends language

Top 6 Lesson Plans for National Bullying Prevention Month

As mental-health and law-enforcement experts well know, people who demonstrate a blatant lack of empathy by committing violent acts toward animals often go on to harm humans as well.

Plant Power! An Introduction to Vegan Nutrition for Grades 3–5

Empower students to eat healthy with the knowledge of where their food really comes from.

‘Hey, Little Ant’: Little Guy Makes a Big Case (Grades K–5)

All creatures deserve respect. Use this book to help your students see things from an ant’s point of view.

13 Easy Ways to Celebrate a Kind Winter Holiday in Your Classroom

Get a head start on the winter holiday by bringing some animal-friendly cheer to your class!

Animal Companions
13 Kind Classroom Ideas for Halloween That Compassionate Teachers Will Love

From teaching Halloween-themed lessons to dressing in costumes and handing out vegan treats, there are many ways to speak up for animals at school this time of year.

Inspirational Reading Comprehension Passages: Kids Who Are Heroes to Animals

“Animal Hero Kids: Voices for the Voiceless” highlights many kind actions of young people who are heroes to animals. Use these reading passages to inspire compassion and foster critical thinking.

Photo Credit: Katie and Colby Procyk
5 Awesome Art Projects to Help Animals!

Inspire students to get creative and take action for animals with these five art project ideas.

National Poetry Month Activities: A Literary Celebration for Animals

Poetry can inspire deep emotional responses in students. Teach them to use this genre to express their compassion and to discover and develop their voice for animals.

Plant Seeds of Kindness in Your Students This Spring

Check out these fresh and fun activities to celebrate the season.

Activities: Women in Leadership and Animal Rights

Meet the woman behind PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, and explore the intersection between women’s rights and animal rights with our free lessons.

Amazing ‘Arctic Animals’ Printable Mini Book and Activity

Revamp your Arctic animals unit with this engaging activity—your students will have snow much fun reading about these animals and learning how they can help!

Valentine’s Day Activity: What Do Animals Love?

Teach students that all beings deserve the chance to give and receive love with this fun literacy activity!

Black History Month Activities: Celebrate Civil Rights Leaders Who’ve Stood Up for Humans AND Other Animals

Many civil rights proponents have extended their compassion to animals. Teach your students about the connection they made between struggles.

Animal Companions
What Winter Is Like When You’re a Chained Dog

Teach students how hard life can be for chained dogs—and show them how they can make a difference for dogs everywhere.

Animal-Friendly Idioms That Your Students Will Love

Replace outdated phrases that are harmful to animals with these fun alternatives. Plus, get exclusive idiom posters for your lesson!

Make Math Fun (and Tasty!) With Vegan Food Manipulatives

Your students can snack their way through learning math the animal-friendly way.

Tilikum: Casualty of Confinement (Grades 3–5)

Captivity hurts orcas! Use Tilikum’s story to help students learn that orcas are individuals, not props to be used for entertainment.

Woody: La historia de un sobreviviente

¡Vestir lana significa lastimar a las ovejas! Usa la historia de este sobreviviente para ayudar a tus alumnos a entender que las ovejas son individuos.

The Emotional Life of Hobbes: a Rough Journey With a Happy Ending

Animals have rich emotional lives. Teach your students how to recognize the emotional needs of other living beings as well as their own.

FREE Webinar: Key Element of a Humane Lesson—Help Animals

Create lessons that merge academic skills with compassion—a win-win situation for all.

Mother’s Day Activities: Let’s Celebrate Animal Moms, Too

There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love. Teach your students how animals cherish their babies.

Woody: A Survivor’s Story (Grades 3-5, English and Spanish)

Wearing wool means hurting sheep! Use this survivor’s story to help students learn that sheep are individuals.

Humane Science Lessons for Teachers

Meeting curricular goals without harming animals is a win-win situation for students, teachers and schools. Long gone are the days of dissecting formaldehyde-laden animals and stuffing live fish into 2-liter bottles. Because our knowledge of animal sentience has evolved, science educators are increasingly rejecting those lessons in cruelty. Rather than defaulting to archaic animal experiments … Read more »

100th Day of School Activities That Can Help Animals Everywhere

100 days of school = 100 chances to bring humane education to your classroom. 🙂

Teach Compassion With TeachKind’s ‘Share the World’

Share the World is perfect for teaching elementary school students the Golden Rule and the importance of compassion and empathy. Order a kit for free!

Animal Companions
Curso de “Comparte el mundo” en español

Mira en español el nuevo video y los recursos para la clase de TeachKind, para enseñarles a tus estudiantes de primaria la compasión hacia todos.

How Littering Hurts Animals

No lesson on the proper disposal of waste and recycling would be complete without examining how our trash can hurt animals—and how to prevent harming them.

Learning Compassion From Martin Luther King Jr.

Use Dr. King’s inspirational quotations about social justice to introduce students to civil rights and animal rights and ways they can take action.

Animal Companions
Activities and Essays for Elementary and Middle School Students

Here are some easy ways to get your students thinking about animal rights.

Humane Science Projects

Animals are not science projects, and there are better ways to learn about our world! Check out these humane project ideas that your students will love.

Create Your Own Animal Masks

Let your students show off their creative skills while learning about the animal kingdom with these fun art projects.

An Elephant’s Life

With our colorful comic book and helpful worksheets, students will learn all about the interesting lives of elephants and why they DON’T belong in the circus!

A Chicken’s Life

Show your class the difference between the lives that chickens want to live and the lives that they’re forced to live on factory farms.

A Cow’s Life

Cows are fascinating and sensitive animals—but they’re regularly killed to be used for food and clothing. Teach students to help cows by choosing cruelty-free options!

Animals Don’t Belong in Labs

Teach your students about the sad lives of animals in laboratories, and let them know of a simple way they can help: by choosing cruelty-free products!

‘We’re All Animals’ Coloring Sheets

Teach your students about the animal kingdom using our printable coloring sheets.

How Your School Can Help Chained Dogs

TeachKind’s “Change for Chained Dogs” pack makes fundraising for animals easy!

Where Do Eggs Come From?

Chickens are fascinating and smart individuals—but they’re also one of the most abused animals on Earth. Introduce elementary school students to the cruelty that’s inherent in the egg industry.

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