Give Students the Key With ‘Unlocking the Animal World’

“Unlocking the Animal World” takes children on a journey around the world—into the sky, the ocean, and the forest—to learn about the remarkable animals who share this planet with us.

Test Prep and Empathy-Building Reading Passage: Fireworks Are Devastating, Not Dazzling

This lesson plan is designed to help teachers present animal rights and environmental issues to their students. If you’re an educator, please feel free to adapt this material to fit your needs—and please contact us if you need help incorporating it into your curriculum. When you hear the word “fireworks,” you probably think of holiday … Read more »

Crazy Cool Facts About Cicadas to Foster Curiosity and Compassion

You can get your students excited to practice informational writing and foster empathy for other sentient beings at the same time! TeachKind’s cicada factsheet will have young people asking, “Wow, really?” and will inspire kindness toward these enchanting insects. We’ve even included discussion questions to help students develop critical thinking skills and perspective-taking. Cicadas are … Read more »

Project Pigeon Pal! Facts and Activities to Instill Respect and Appreciation for Pigeons

Anyone who’s ever been to a park—or a parking lot—has likely seen pigeons, probably in large numbers. But how much do you know about these feathered friends? Maybe not much, and it’s probably safe to assume the same of your students. Both adults and children are less likely to appreciate animals they don’t understand, which … Read more »

Kindness Bingo: An Empathy-for-All Spinoff of the Classic Game

Games are a great way to engage children and motivate participation, and when they promote empathy and compassion for others, everyone wins! That’s why we created Kindness Bingo. In this spinoff of the classic game, children are prompted to complete acts of kindness for others. Some of them are big tasks, like going “trash fishing” … Read more »

‘BREE Kind to All’—One Rescued Rooster’s Message to the World

TeachKind’s reading activities for the book “Bree and Me” help young learners with reading comprehension and encourage discussion about the importance of being kind.

Kindness Tags to Celebrate and Inspire Your Students’ Compassion!

Kindness recognition tags from TeachKind are a fantastic tool to reinforce your classroom’s culture of compassion by celebrating and inspiring kindness to all.

The Silver Spring Monkeys: The Case That Made History for Animals (Grades 9–12)

In this nonfiction reading comprehension worksheet from TeachKind, students in grades 9–12 learn about the groundbreaking Silver Spring monkeys case, including key vocabulary, and answer substantive questions.

Animals Aren’t Natural Resources, They Use Them! A New Activity From TeachKind

TeachKind’s new natural resources lesson has a compassionate, animal-friendly twist and teaches students that sentient beings aren’t natural resources.

Using Empowering Affirmations to Cultivate Empathy in Your Students

Help students cultivate empathy and kindness toward themselves and others with these fun, empowering affirmation activities from TeachKind!

Cultivate Kids’ Thanksgiving Compassion With TeachKind’s ‘Disguise a Turkey’ Activity!

Suggested grade levels: K–2, homeschool  Objectives: To gain an understanding that turkeys want to live free from harm and suffering by considering why they would want to be disguised for Thanksgiving. Children will practice empathetic thinking as they come up with creative disguises for their turkeys while learning interesting facts about these unique individuals.  As … Read more »

TeachKind Rescue Stories: ‘Saving Samson the Beagle’

Rescue stories reveal the stark reality that many animals face, but their happy endings empower students, making these true accounts ideal for learners of all ages and abilities.

FREE Classroom Posters to Foster Compassion in Your Students

Order a free set of classroom posters to make your learning space more animal-friendly.

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3 Fish-Friendly Activities to Teach Students Empathy

Don’t judge a book by its cover. As one scientist says, “Fish are more intelligent than they appear.”

Free Training: New Social Justice Curriculum for Secondary Educators

Looking to teach about social justice issues but not sure where to start? Join us for a free training session!

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