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Buffalo Shooting Suspect Allegedly Beheaded Cat Weeks Before Attack

Details coming out following the tragic shooting in Buffalo, New York, show that the alleged shooter reportedly had a history of violence toward animals.

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Viral Photos of Abandoned Dog Shows Why Open-Admission Shelters Are Vital

Baby Girl, the dog abandoned with a backpack of toys and a note from her distraught guardian, is a victim of irresponsible shelters.

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Big News: Burberry Bans Exotic Skins Following PETA Entities’ Campaigns!

Burberry has banned exotic skins following campaigns by PETA entities. Will Hermès, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton be next?

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Animal Companions

From Birds to Bugs: PETA Kids Lists Books to Inspire the Whole Family

If you’re looking for new stories to fill your child’s imagination, take a page out of PETA Kids’ book with these colorful and engaging tales of empathy for animals.

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Help Your Kids Reach Goals and Learn New Skills With These Animal-Friendly Activities

From making an insect-rescue kit to enjoying a scoop (or two!) of their favorite vegan ice cream, your child’s summer vacation will be filled with fun and educational experiences, thanks to PETA Kids’ activity boards.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

Animal Companions

GRAPHIC: PETA Obtains Disturbing Photos Exposing the Lie of ‘Live Release’ Stats

The animal “rescue” industry is an unregulated Wild West. Animals are suffering and dying horrifically as a result.

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Animal Companions

Why You Should Never ‘Like’ or Share Videos of Animals Being Teased on Social Media

If you come across a social media post or video showing animals being teased, speak out: Leave feedback and help inform others about why these things are harmful. Learn what to say now.

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Save a Horse—Ride a Horseless Carriage! Charleston Business Unveils City’s First Electric Carriage

Save a horse—ride a horseless carriage! See what a Charleston business owner did to help horses exploited in his city.

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Meet Praxis: The Rebellious Latino Artist Standing Up Against Speciesism

Praxis is a Latin American illustrator and stencil artist who uses his talents to promote animal rights and make positive changes.

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PETA Science Group Presents Awards to Promote Non-Animal Tests

PETA scientists regularly award promising researchers with the tools they need to replace animal tests with modern, kinder methods.

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The PETA Shop: Apparel, Accessories, and More!

PETA Uncovers Strangulation of Young Monkey at UC-Berkeley

PETA recently uncovered shocking violations of federal animal welfare laws at UC-Berkeley. Find out how you can help monkeys.

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This Industry Is Trying to Pull the Wool Over Consumers’ Eyes—See for Yourself

How much do you know about the lives—and the deaths—of sheep used for clothing? PETA Australia’s new site sets the record straight.

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Animal Companions

American Humane Continues to Overlook Cruelty, Certifies Petco as Its First ‘Pet’ Provider

With the launch of its certified “pet” provider program, it appears that American Humane’s deception continues.

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SeaQuest Trumbull Continues to Put Animals and Children in Danger: Here’s Why You Should Stay Away

Children and animals are put in danger at SeaQuest Trumbull. Recently, the shoddy aquarium was cited after a kinkajou scratched a child in the face.

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Shark Hung From School Rafters Prompts PETA Push for Empathy Lessons

A group of high school students reportedly hung a dead shark from the rafters of their high school as an alleged “senior prank.” PETA’s urging empathy lessons.

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