Issue 2: Spring 2024

Issue 2|Spring 2024
Bulls Aren’t Bicycles, Camels Aren’t Cars

Camels can survive harsh desert environments. But they can’t adapt to the cruelty humans inflict on them. One powerful way to end this abuse is to ban animal rides – and PETA is working on that.

A Message from Ingrid Newkirk

What kind of person would continue supporting the cruel dairy industry simply because they like the taste of cheese? That should be enough for any kind person to say, “Soy cheese, please!”

Chimpanzee in a tree

Take a spin around the globe with PETA and read about rescues, victories, and ways in which you can help animals.

Getting Over the Hump

PETA entities around the world are working to liberate camels from ­abusive situations, exposing the cruelty of camel rides and races, ­shutting down animal-exploiting circuses, and more.

A 100% Failure Rate!

PETA entities are exposing the shoddy science and horrific cruelty that passes for much “neurological research” and pushing for the adoption of superior, human-relevant methods.

A cow calf in an orange wheelbarrow
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It’s ‘Dairy Crack’!

Cheese smells like old socks, but people get hooked on the stuff. Why do people love it so much? We can’t ignore the ethical issues of dairy production.

Get ‘PETA Global’ Delivered to Your Door!

A subscription to the print version of ‘PETA Global’ is just one of the many perks of being a PETA member. Donate $16 or more today to get this acclaimed magazine and more delivered to your mailbox.

Royal King's Guard
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Lured by Cookies, Shot for the King’s Guard’s Caps

For nearly two centuries, the British Ministry of Defence has waged war on black bears – for each cap worn as a strictly ceremonial headdress by the King’s Guard, a bear is cruelly killed.

Where Does YOUR Vet Get Transfusion Blood From? Do Ask!

The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank is an Indiana operation that perpetually confines nearly 900 dogs and cats to barren kennels or crowded pens and sells their blood to veterinary clinics.

Treacherous Speed Tests Are Killing Young Horses

Horses are not machines, and horse racing won’t survive being plagued by fatalities, drug scandals, and negative public opinion forever. PETA is reducing as much suffering as possible right now.

Saved From a Nightmare! ‘My Elusive Dream’ Comes Home

The Korea Racing Authority and private buyers import hundreds of American horses each year for racing and breeding. That was My Elusive Dream’s fate, but PETA had other plans.

Two fish friends
© Lori Froeb/
Believe It: Fish Form Friendships!

What? Fish have friends? We’re just starting to understand who sea animals are, but one thing’s clear: They don’t belong on our plates, at the end of a hook, or in a tank.

Survival At Stake

In her gripping book ‘Survival at Stake,’ PETA UK Senior Vice President of International Affairs Poorva Joshipura takes a hard look at how humans’ exploitation of other species is causing a domino effect of disasters.

Spring Forward: Amp Up Your Activism at the PETA Shop
Almond Vostock
© Matt Russell
Divine Desserts from Harrods’ Head Pastry Chef

Renowned pastry chef Philip Khoury is at your service with his new cookbook, ‘A New Way to Bake.’ Whipping up show-stopping sweets using ‘plantry’ staples is a piece of cake!

PETA’s Executive Vice President Tackles Your Tough Questions and Tricky Situations

Help when you need it: PETA’s executive vice president tackles your tough questions and tricky situations.

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