EGYPTAIR’s Cargo Holds Now Free of Monkeys, Following Worldwide PETA Push

Following a three-month international PETA campaign, EGYPTAIR will stop transporting monkeys to be tormented and killed in laboratories.

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When Will Texas A&M Release the Nine Healthy Dogs It No Longer Wants?

Pressure from PETA ended Texas A&M University’s canine MD breeding program in 2019. But then nine healthy dogs were sent to another lab instead of being released for adoption.

PETA Undercover: Meth-Doped Horses Drop Dead on Underground Racetrack

After PETA’s undercover investigation went public, Rancho El Canelo and Rancho El Centenario canceled races over the weekend. Take action to end these underground races permanently.

‘Backyard Dogs’ Can’t Survive in This Heat

You can give a life-changing care package to a “backyard dog” and provide them with the necessities they need in order to survive this scorching-hot summer. Your gift today will be matched!

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PHOTOS: 25 Beagles Originally Bred for Experimentation at Envigo Get Some TLC at PETA

Months after PETA’s groundbreaking exposé, Envigo announced that its dog-breeding hellhole will shut down. But our work isn’t over yet…

Free Lolita! Paulina Rubio Urges Miami Seaquarium to Release Lonely Orca Before It’s Too Late

Paulina Rubio, PETA, and many others are speaking out for Lolita, asking The Dolphin Company to let her live out her golden years in a better place.


Sirens, Shrapnel, and Saving Animals in Ukraine: Updates on PETA Germany’s Rescue Team

Staff from PETA Germany and other rescue teams risk their lives to get emaciated and injured animals out of the most dangerous areas in Ukraine. Read more to learn how you can support this vital work.

PETA Fielded Calls From California to Canada to Help Animals This Summer

On an average day, PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department receives dozens of phone calls reporting cases of animal abuse. Here’s what happens next.

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Who Is Beamish? Meet a Monkey Used in Elisabeth Murray’s Laboratory

Beamish is a monkey born into laboratory experimentation. Sixteen years later, he’s still being experimented on, currently in Elisabeth Murray’s monkey fright lab.

Why Should Animals Have Rights?

Grave Danger for Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxers: Smash-Faced Dogs’ Tiny Airways Can Kill in Heat Wave

Amid record-breaking heat waves, breathing-impaired breeds—including pugs and French bulldogs—may struggle to survive.

These Creamy, Indulgent Vegan Milkshakes Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Milkshakes are indulgent treats we can’t get enough of, and the best ones are made with ingredients produced without harming intelligent, loving cows.

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Simba the Lion Is Kept in Solitary Confinement—Take Action This World Lion Day!

Please urge Tregembo Animal Park to retire the animals there to reputable facilities, where they can finally get the care that they desperately need.

What PETA Stands For


I am you, only different.

Human beings create temporary and arbitrary boundaries to exclude beings who aren’t like them. Human beings have justified wars, slavery, sexual violence, and military conquests through the mistaken belief that those who are “different” do not experience suffering and are not worthy of moral consideration.


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

We are taught the Golden Rule as young children, and all major religions teach principles of nonviolence and kindness. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Ethical treatment—the Golden Rule—must be extended to all living beings: reptiles, mammals, fish, insects, birds, amphibians, and crustaceans.


Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

All beings desire freedom to live a natural life, according to their inherent desires and instincts. While the lives of all beings necessarily involve some amount of suffering, human beings must stop deliberately inflicting suffering on all beings for our own selfish desires. We lose nothing in replacing a cheeseburger with a veggie burger or a leather purse with a fabric one. But beings we exploit lose their lives just for our fleeting fancy.


We are all animals.

We believe all beings deserve liberty and respect not because they share the characteristics we admire in ourselves but because they are living beings. We share the same evolutionary origins, we inhabit the same Earth, and we are ruled by the same laws of nature. We are all the same.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Learn More about what PETA stands for

VIDEO: Eyewitness Reveals Bloody Attack of an Orca at SeaWorld San Diego

A visitor who witnessed the bloody attack of an orca at SeaWorld San Diego alerted PETA to the horrific incident. Take action for orcas!

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Think You Have What It Takes to Be a PETA Fieldworker? We Want to Hear From You!

PETA’s field team staff are essential service providers—they’re our miracle workers. If you think you have the compassion and diligence to be on the front line, we want to hear from you.

Victory! PETA Persuades Hospital to Ban Staff From Mutilating Live Pigs

The hospital’s medevac staff had attended training sessions at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in which live pigs were mutilated. Now let’s get the school to end this cruelty.

Billion-Dollar Breeding Industry Busted: How PETA’s Work Freed the Beagles

Listen in as PETA Vice President of Evidence Analysis Dan Paden shares the intense and wild ride following our investigation into a factory farm that bred dogs and sold them to laboratories.

Join Students Opposing Speciesism to Dismantle Human Supremacy

Urban Outfitters Desperately Needs a Humane Makeover. Speak Up!

Francesca Farago and other big names joined PETA at Urban Outfitters’ annual meeting to ask the company an important question.

PETA to NIH: No More Tax Money to Lying Primate Center Director

The head of the Southwest National Primate Research Center, who tortures monkeys for a living, just got caught falsifying data on grant applications and in published work on his useless experiments.

It’s Kids’ Time to Shine! Meet the 2022 ‘All-Star for Animals’ Winner and Runner-Up

Congratulations to PETA Kids’ 2022 All-Star for Animals winner and runner-up! Learn more about the ways these two vegan kids and other nominees are sharing their compassion for animals with the world.

PETA Primate Scientist Eviscerates Experimentation Industry’s Pathetic Secrecy Defense

Animals in University of Washington labs have died from starvation and strangulation. This powerful op-ed lays out why the school doesn’t get to hide the truth about its “oversight” committee.

A representation of primates at UW

Baby, How You Feelin’? These Vegan Stars Are Feeling ‘Good as Hell’

Lizzo isn’t the only one feeling “good as hell” by being vegan. Check out which of your favorite stars have changed what’s on their plates!

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Calling All College Students: Get Paid to Lead the Charge Against Speciesism

Want to make the world a better place for animals and get paid to do it? Apply to become a Students Opposing Speciesism campus rep today!

Can Compassion and Science Go Hand in Hand? Yes! Find Out How

Our scientists have a plan to phase out animal tests and improve research for human health. See our Research Modernization Deal here.

PETA Presents Starbucks CEO and ‘Sustainability’ Leaders With ‘Climate CatasTROPHIES’

PETA sent out three “climate catasTROPHIES” to let Starbucks know that it’s time to actually give a “frap” about the planet.

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 Ingrid E. Newkirk

“Almost all of us grew up eating meat, wearing leather, and going to circuses and zoos. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. For whatever reason, you are now asking the question: Why should animals have rights?” READ MORE

— Ingrid E. Newkirk, PETA President and co-author of Animalkind