Chef’s Choice Ditches Coconuts Tied to Monkey Labor After Appeal From PETA

After hearing from PETA that endangered macaques are chained, whipped, and forced into a lifetime of labor picking coconuts in Thailand, coconut milk producer Chef’s Choice Foods Manufacturer Co. stopped sourcing coconuts from farms in Thailand and switched to importing them from other countries. It makes the brands Chef’s Choice and Nature’s Charm, both of … Read more »

Marmoset Sleep Deprivation Study Ends After Only One Night

After pressure and complaints from PETA, a sleep fragmentation experiment that University of Massachusetts–Amherst experimenter Agnès Lacreuse had moved to the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Wisconsin National Primate Research Center ended. UW-Madison had received approval to subject 32 marmosets to 24 nights, over two months, of loud, blaring noises to wake them repeatedly. Instead, six marmoset … Read more »

Amusement Industry Coordinator Pledges Not to Book Banana Derby in the Future

Following outreach from PETA, KevaWorks—an amusement industry consulting and managing service that has coordinated more than 5,000 events as of the time of this victory—compassionately pledged to no longer book Banana Derby at future events that it manages. Banana Derby is an inherently cruel traveling act that ties capuchin monkeys to the backs of dogs … Read more »

Outerwear Brand Bans Fur

Following pressure from PETA, high-end outerwear brand SAM. confirmed that it no longer uses real animal fur! This exciting news means that fewer animals are being forced to live on fur factory farms in cramped cages, where they frantically pace back and forth, gnaw on the bars, and mutilate themselves out of extreme stress and … Read more »

Major Federal Health Institute Slashes Funding for Sepsis Experiments on Animals

In a major turning point in how the government funds scientific research, one of the biggest funders of sepsis experiments on mice announced at a recent conference that it would stop funding the most common types of these experiments on animals and instead shift resources toward superior, human-relevant methods. The move by the National Institute … Read more »

Washington National Primate Research Center Director Fired

Michele Basso was removed as director of the Washington National Primate Research Center just two months after we provided the University of Washington Board of Regents with evidence of her failings and called for her dismissal. As the face of the primate center, Basso embodied the inhumanity, arrogance, and sheer incompetence of the institution. She … Read more »

Luxury Travel Company Ends Ticket Sales to Running of the Bulls

Following a push from PETA and actions from over 60,000 of our supporters, Palace Tours—a premier leisure travel company—committed to no longer selling tickets to the Running of the Bulls after learning that the same bulls who are chased through the streets in the morning are stabbed to death in the bullring that night. A … Read more »

After PETA’s Complaint, Hainan Airlines Stops Shipping Monkeys

In a rare move, the U.S. Department of Agriculture levied a $1,000 penalty against Hainan Airlines after confirming our complaint that the company had violated the federal Animal Welfare Act in August 2022 by flying 720 monkeys more than 8,000 miles from Cambodia to Chicago—without being registered with the agency as required. We’ve confirmed that … Read more »

The 2024 Yaarab Shrine Circus Didn’t Exploit Wild Animals

Progress: Following a relentless PETA campaign, which included more than 250,000 e-mails from our supporters, eye-catching protests at circus shows and other Shrine events, creative ad placements, and outreach to sponsors—which led to the recent loss of former top sponsor GLOCK Inc.—the 2024 Yaarab Shrine Circus didn’t exploit elephants or any other wild animals! For … Read more »

PETA Science Consortium International Coauthors Paper Highlighting Issues With Tests on Rats

A paper coauthored by PETA Science Consortium International e.V. and published in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology shows how differences in the respiratory tracts of humans and rats make tests on rats an unreliable predictor of what happens when humans inhale a substance—and why non-animal tests should be used instead. The paper will be referenced around … Read more »

Bullfights Banned in Colombia

Colombia’s Congress voted to end the country’s depraved practice of torturing bulls to death for entertainment! Thanks to the many compassionate Colombians who spoke out against this horrific bloody spectacle, including our friends at Colombia Sin Toreo, terrified bulls will no longer be stabbed repeatedly while crowds cheer their slow and painful deaths in that … Read more »

PETA Scientist’s Group Wins Major Prize for Work Against Animal Experimentation Bias

PETA’s Science Advancement & Outreach division, in collaboration with a multi-organizational group of researchers and advocates, has won the Lush Prize, the largest award offered within the animal free–research community, in Major Science Collaboration. The coveted biannual prize is internationally competitive and recognizes the most promising collaborations that are working to develop and promote alternatives … Read more »

Maryland Bans Traveling Acts With Wild Animals

After PETA sent out e-mail alerts urging residents to support two important bills to help animals, the Maryland General Assembly passed a law banning traveling shows with wild or exotic animals from the state.

Charles River Under Fire From Shareholders

PETA’s shareholder resolution submitted to Charles River Laboratories garnered a whopping 24% of shareholder votes. The resolution calls for the multibillion-dollar international animal importer and experimenter to reveal how it will ensure that all the monkeys it imports weren’t caught in the wild and trafficked as captive-bred—for which the company is under federal investigation.

Marc Jacobs Bans Exotic Skins

Fashion company Marc Jacobs confirmed a ban on exotic skins after PETA explained that animals in that industry are inflated with water or air, shot, stabbed, and abused in other ways. Buying bags, belts, or shoes made of exotic skins is just as cruel as wearing a full-length fur coat. Always choose vegan fashion, and … Read more »

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