After PETA’s Complaint, Hainan Airlines Stops Shipping Monkeys

In a rare move, the U.S. Department of Agriculture levied a $1,000 penalty against Hainan Airlines after confirming our complaint that the company had violated the federal Animal Welfare Act in August 2022 by flying 720 monkeys more than 8,000 miles from Cambodia to Chicago—without being registered with the agency as required. We’ve confirmed that … Read more »

The 2024 Yaarab Shrine Circus Didn’t Exploit Wild Animals

Progress: Following a relentless PETA campaign, which included more than 250,000 e-mails from our supporters, eye-catching protests at circus shows and other Shrine events, creative ad placements, and outreach to sponsors—which led to the recent loss of former top sponsor GLOCK Inc.—the 2024 Yaarab Shrine Circus didn’t exploit elephants or any other wild animals! For … Read more »

Maryland Bans Traveling Acts With Wild Animals

After PETA sent out e-mail alerts urging residents to support two important bills to help animals, the Maryland General Assembly passed a law banning traveling shows with wild or exotic animals from the state.

Marc Jacobs Bans Exotic Skins

Fashion company Marc Jacobs confirmed a ban on exotic skins after PETA explained that animals in that industry are inflated with water or air, shot, stabbed, and abused in other ways. Buying bags, belts, or shoes made of exotic skins is just as cruel as wearing a full-length fur coat. Always choose vegan fashion, and … Read more »

Hadi Shrine Circus Ends Cruel Elephant Acts

Following a vigorous PETA campaign—which included more than 250,000 e-mails from our supporters, eye-catching protests at circus shows and Shrine events, and appeals to circus sponsors to cut ties—along with protests by dedicated local advocates, the Hadi Shrine announced that it would stop exploiting elephants in its circus! The Hadi Shrine Circus had worked with … Read more »

Jason Derulo Cancels SeaWorld Performance

After hearing from PETA and more than 20,000 of our supporters about the suffering that orcas and other dolphins and whales endure at SeaWorld, Jason Derulo canceled a performance at SeaWorld Orlando in Florida! The animals confined to cramped concrete tanks there don’t choose to perform—they’re often forced to do so until the day they … Read more »

Parrots Moved From Miami Seaquarium to Sanctuary

Four parrots who were suffering at the Miami Seaquarium, which the U.S. Department of Agriculture cited for confining birds to rusted cages in areas with noxious air, were moved to the Peaceable Primate Sanctuary in Indiana, where they’ll no longer be neglected and exploited. Three of the birds exhibited excessive self-plucking, a sign of psychological … Read more »

County Issues Michael Holston a Cease and Desist Order

PETA sent requests to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Riverside County, California, urging them to take immediate action against The Wyld Jungle, an illegal roadside zoo in that state run by Michael Holston—a social media influencer with a history of violating state wildlife laws. PETA pointed out that Holston was exhibiting exotic animals without … Read more »

Global Online Retailer Ditches Glue Traps

After learning from PETA that small animals caught on glue traps suffer for days—tearing flesh, breaking bones, and even trying to chew off their own limbs in an attempt to escape—online retailer LightInTheBox removed the devices from its website! You can help prevent small animals from enduring tremendous suffering by never buying or using glue … Read more »

Animal Companions
Canine Blood Prison Hemopet Closes

Following a PETA investigation and the hard-fought passage of a landmark California bill to phase out the operation of businesses that keep dogs perpetually caged for their blood, Hemopet—a captive-canine blood bank in Garden Grove—shut down. No more greyhounds will be warehoused in tiny crates and barren kennels at this dog prison and sham “rescue” … Read more »

Another Company Bans Glue Traps

After PETA contacted Adams Fairacre Farms and explained that the glue traps its stores were selling torture and slowly kill animals, it agreed to ban and remove them from its shelves! We urge everyone never to buy glue traps, because animals who get stuck to them tear off their fur or skin, break their bones, … Read more »

San Patricio Restoration Society Permanently Discontinues Annual Rattlesnake Races

PETA and our supporters called on the San Patricio Restoration Society to stop racing rattlesnakes and leave these animals in peace. The organization canceled the 2024 races and said that it has no plans to host any rattlesnake-related events in the future! Now please take action to end “rattlesnake roundups” being held across the country … Read more »

Miami Seaquarium Forced to Shut Down

Following a relentless PETA campaign and weekly protests by local activists, Miami-Dade County officials issued a Notice of Termination and Notice of Default to the Miami Seaquarium’s owner, requiring the company to vacate the premises, effectively shutting down the hellhole! Our campaign included more than 150,000 calls and e-mails from our supporters, lively rallies, lawsuits, … Read more »

Taiwan FDA Ends Iron Tests on Animals After Hearing From PETA

The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) finalized a regulation that removes animal testing as an option for companies wanting to make human iron health claims for marketing their food and beverage products. The testing included feeding baby rats an iron-deficient diet to induce anemia and then feeding them a test food, after which their … Read more »

Sandusky County Fair to Ditch Organ Grinder Acts Following Letter From PETA

Following reports revealing that organ grinder monkey exhibitors featured at the Sandusky County Fair in Ohio had racked up numerous violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act, including multiple incidents of children being bitten by a monkey, PETA fired off a letter to fair organizers, urging them to commit to ending the use of monkeys … Read more »

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