URGENT: Birds Trapped and Dying in St. Catherines, Ontario!

There are at least 8 live birds currently trapped underneath three solar panels, desperately trying in vain to escape. Urge Niagara Region Animal Services to help these birds!

Birds No Longer Trapped at New York Store!

Please urge DII Deals & Discounts to immediately stop installing chicken wire fencing, in order to prevent tragedy.

U.S. Residents: Demand an End to Wildlife-Killing Contests on Federal Land!
© iStock.com/GeraldCorsi
Demand That SkyTaxi Stop Flying Monkeys to Their Deaths in Laboratories

Please send a letter to SkyTaxi urging it to stop flying these animals to their deaths.

Caught on Video: Police Officer Punching K-9 in the Face

Ask the Fayetteville Police Department to remove the K-9 from the abusive handler’s custody immediately.

Urge Pharrell to Nix Fur and Wild-Animal Skins From Louis Vuitton!

Please join PETA in urging Pharrell to ban “exotic skins” and furs from any future Louis Vuitton collections!

© StarMaxInc.com
Animals Are Desperate to Flee From Cedar Point Amusement Park—Help Them Now!

Families expect thrills when they go to Cedar Point in Ohio, but they don’t expect to have to run for their lives—which is exactly what people did when two camels named Sampson and Artie escaped from the amusement park’s “petting zoo” and went galloping down the midway, threatening visitors. Just days later, Cedar Point made … Read more »

Tell BMW, Feetures, Heali, NAPS, Saalt, and Visit Savannah to Reconsider Supporting Milk Marathon

Please urge these companies to reconsider their promotion of this hypocritical, anti-female event.

© Lukas Vincour / Zvířata Nejíme / We Animals Media
Don’t Let the FDA Demand More Tests on Animals to Keep Sunscreens on the Market—Speak Out!

Please urge the FDA not to ask for animal tests and to instead collaborate on the development of a non-animal testing approach that protects human health without harming animals.

© Doctors Against Animal Experiments
Despite Orca Deaths, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow Plan to Perform at SeaWorld—Take Action!

Contact Soulja Boy and Bow Wow and urge them to follow the lead of other compassionate performers who have chosen not to associate with SeaWorld.

Join PETA in Demanding That RH Stop Selling Down

Please encourage RH to stop supporting the filth, suffering, and horrific violence that are inherent to the down industry by banning down.

Urge JetBlue Airways to Offer Vegan Creamer to All Guests

Join us in urging JetBlue Airways to take off toward compassion and sustainability.

Stand With Stella McCartney: Sign PETA’s Feather-Free Pledge!

Compassionate designers and consumers realize that suffering is NEVER in style. Stand with Stella McCartney today by pledging to be feather-free!

Tigers, Giraffes, and Other Wild Animals Are Slated to Appear at These Fairs

Please urge fairs to leave wild animals out of their upcoming events and all future ones.

URGENT: Speak Up for Abandoned Animals in Fresno, California, Today!
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