Urge Ontario Authorities to Assist Donkey With Severely Overgrown Hooves

Please contact Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) and ask it to intervene swiftly for the donkey with overgrown hooves on Settlers Road in Lindsay.

Animals Mutilated for Mangoes: Tell the National Mango Board to End Cruel Tests

Urge the National Mango Board to adopt a policy against conducting, funding, or commissioning any experiments on animals.

Urge Resorts to End Cruel ‘Swim With Dolphins’ Encounters

Tell Hawks Cay Resort, The Kahala Hotel & Resort, and Hilton Waikoloa Village to end their cruel “swim with dolphins” encounters and not to permit the breeding or acquisition of more animals on their premises.

Starved, Shocked, and Cut Open Without Pain Relief: PETA Exposes ‘Column E’ Misery

Urge NIH to cut off funding for cruel and painful Column E animal experiments.

Forests Emptied to Fill Laboratories With Endangered Monkeys—Act Now to Stop This!
Urge Ottawa Comiccon to Stop Selling Animals!

Urge Ottawa Comiccon to do the right thing by ending the display and sale of live animals at its event.

Urge Officials in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, to Rescue Apparently Abused Dog

PETA has been alerted to a viral video reportedly captured in February in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, depicting a man striking a dog forcefully and repeatedly with an unidentified object. The dog, who appears to have no means of escape, yelps and howls desperately as the abuser rains blows upon the animal. PETA caseworkers have implored local … Read more »

URGENT: Sick, Starving—and Possibly Stolen—Dogs in Lab Need Your Help

What the USDA found at Blue Ridge Kennel will make you see red. But its response afterward will make your blood boil.

Tell Fleet Feet and Rabbit to Stop Promoting Milk Marathon

Urge Fleet Feet and Rabbit to reconsider their promotion of this hypocritical, anti-female event.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / Eyes On Animals / We Animals Media
Despite Orca Deaths, Jason Derulo Plans to Perform at SeaWorld—Take Action!

Please contact Derulo and urge him to follow the lead of other compassionate performers who have chosen not to associate with SeaWorld.

Countless Rattlesnakes Slaughtered in Cruel Events Across the Country—Speak Up!

Let the event organizers and officials in the following cities know that you’re appalled by their support of this carnage. Urge them to scrap the events and leave these animals in peace.

© iStock.com/MarkKostich
For Illustrative Purposes
Mt. Hope Auction Sponsors: Reconsider Supporting the Suffering of Wild and Exotic Animals!

Urge “Mt. Horror” sponsors to shun future exotic-animal auctions.

Help Push Ralph Lauren to Ban Cruelly Produced Cashmere!

No sweater or scarf is worth goats’ suffering. We need your help to tell Ralph Lauren to stop profiting off animal abuse and to ban cashmere now!

Behind Bars for 50 Years: Miyako the Elephant Needs Your Help

Miyako the elephant has suffered in a cramped pen for a half-century. Will you please urge the zoo’s owner to accept PETA’s offer to transfer her to a suitable facility?

PETA Offered Sanctuary Placement; Experimenter Killed Baboons Instead

A medical school experimenter just killed mother baboons Jemma, Cookie, Toya, and Tara after torturing them for years in painful pregnancy experiments. Help us get his lab closed now.

© iStock.com/halecr
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