PETA Celebrates 20 Years of ‘Most Beautiful Vegan’ With 20 Stars to Watch

PETA is celebrating the 20th anniversary of our Most Beautiful Vegan honor by highlighting 20 vegan stars to watch. See whether your favorite made the list!

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10 Reasons Never to Buy a Bird From Petco (or Anywhere Else)

Birds are complex, undomesticated animals who suffer greatly when caged in “pet” stores or homes. Here’s why you should never buy birds for sale.

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Are Sepsis Experiments on Animals Useless? Yes—Here’s What You Need to Know

Sepsis kills 270,000 American adults each year, but laboratories still use animals in failed experiments. Help end these cruel tests.

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PETA Celebrates 25 Years of Serving Free Veggie Dogs on Capitol Hill

PETA’s been slinging free veggie dogs annually on Capitol Hill for the last 25 years, sometimes with vegan chili, and now with ice cream, too. This year, Courtney Stodden is back to help serve the franks and distribute adorable squeaky toys and vegan cookbooks.

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PETA Scientists Share Their Favorite Victories for Animals in Labs

With all the work we’ve done to rescue animals from laboratories, PETA has a lot to be proud of. Here’s what stood out the most to our scientists.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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Summer Weather Calls For Vegan Hot Dogs—Here Are PETA’s Picks

This summer, “ketchup” with friends and family over vegan dogs at one of these top spots.

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Elisabeth Murray’s Cheerleaders Celebrate Her Cruel Experiments on Monkeys

Pro–animal experimentation extremists cheer on Elisabeth Murray’s terror experiments on monkeys—going so far as to say she’s “kind.”

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Honk if You Love Geese! 8 Facts That Will Make You Ditch Down

So you think you know geese? Take a gander at these surprising facts. You won’t believe what a 1-day-old bay goose can do!

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Experimenters Remain in the Dark Ages Despite Technology’s Constant Evolution

Today, we hold powerful computers in the palm of our hand—but experimenters are still using monkeys in archaic experiments. Research must keep up.

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A Century of Suffering: 10 Gruesome Experiments on Animals From the Last 100 Years

Pfizer injects horses with snake venom? PETA is listing (just) 10 examples of gruesome experiments on animals from the last 100 years that will shock you.

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Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

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What Are the Disadvantages of Animal Testing? PETA Blows the Lid off Laboratory Cruelty

Why are beagles used so often in animal testing? Are there any benefits to it? What are the disadvantages? Here’s why animal testing is not only unethical but also completely unnecessary.

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24 Mind-Blowing Facts About Fish, the Superior Beings Swimming in Seas and Streams

Fish are superior beings with an amazing array of skills that rival those of any comic book’s superhero. Check out these fish facts.

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Beauty With a Vegan Purpose—Meet the 69th Miss Universe!

She is beauty, she is grace, and she is vegan Miss Outer Space! The 69th Miss Universe, Andrea Meza, is speaking up for animals—and PETA is here for it!

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VICTORY: Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Tells Audiences to Visit Their Local Animal Shelter

You know how people sometimes applaud at the end of a movie? Well, the credits to “Cruella” deserve a standing ovation. The film shows up its prequel with this PETA-suggested disclaimer.

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‘The Dark Hobby’ Sheds Light on What the ‘Pet’ Fish Trade Is Doing to Hawaii’s Ocean

Aquarium hobbyists are decimating wildlife—fueling a demand for live fish abducted from their natural homes to be relegated to tanks, where they often die after a short time.

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