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Check Out My Vegan Thanksgiving!

I just finished up eating my Thanksgiving meal and wanted to share the joy with my lovely PETA Living readers because I’m so thankful for you all! Check out the deliciousness:

Hope ya’ll are having a fabulous cruelty-free Thanksgiving too! I’m headed back for seconds now …

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  • jacki Q. says:

    just finally joined after perusing the PETA site for yrs. don’t know how to get in touch with ppl. individually. cooked in multiple countries and states over a dozen yrs. both publically and privately. been veg/not vegan,i do eat dairy, for over a couple decades,22+yrs. not sure of exact date i ate my last meat item, a shrimp at work. i no i was 22. now 45. think it was in the summer since i no the location. anyone wants to connect, i am on Facebook. Jacqueline Quirke. in friend request message write peta veg or something, since i won’t recognize your names. been doin’ this a very long time. i no all the ingredients and the best place to keep updated on them since everyone is always trying to sneak in things i won’t eat. i’ll cook it but i won’t eat it. my guy of 16 yrs. eats poultry and seafood. I DO NOT. it keeps me very creative for reg. dinners and holidays alike.

  • jacki Q. says:

    for Katelynn. any time you have any questions about cooking or veg stuff write me at my email. cooked in 3 countries, including 8 states in US. both publically for restaurants+caterers and privately as a private chef in homes. had chef’s license 5 yrs. could not afford to renew it in 1993. specialties were thai, mid-east,& Indian. also, low fat,low-salt special diets and of course vegetarian(i do eat dairy and use eggs in baking)do not eat eggs lain,tho. have been veg more than 2 decades. i will cook anything just don’t make me eat it. am veg b-cuz i hate the taste, texture, and smell of animal cooking/products. have lived 16 yrs. w/ my guy who eats poultry and seafood. need info on my veg/NOT vegan, food, write me about my creations. last meat thing i ever ate was A shrimp at a place i worked 23 yrs. ago when i was 22.

  • Serena says:

    @Katelynn: dear Katelynn, don’t give up! With time it will be easier for you to deal with those who are neither vegetarian, nor veggie-friendly, trust me! I turned vegetarian at the age of 5, back in 1983, when people barely knew what “vegetarian” meant (many thought it was an illness!) and had a small choice of alternative dishes. Nowadays at the supermarket you can find many types of veggie dishes that are excellent as substitutes for meat. For example, I buy veggie minced “meat” or veggie chunks and use them instead of chicken/pork in Thai dishes. Or, if you prefer Italian dishes, browse through some recipes and you’ll see how a good part of Italian cuisine is meat- and fish-free! Example: “Melanzane Parmigiana”, that is, Aubergine-lasagne (even meat eaters ADORE them), pasta or gnocchi dishes with mushroom or tomato sauces, or french quiche pies with tofu bacon instead of pig bacon! Or Mexican fajitas with veggie chunks and peppers! Hope I inspired you a little bit… Hugs, Serena
    PS to those who bug you, tell them that soy lowers cholesterol, is highly nutritive and is no dead animal’s carcass! ;) And that vegetarians/vegans don’t get colon cancer! Haaa!

  • Tracy says:

    This was my first Thanksgiving as a vegan. I brought a tofurky, fresh cranberry relish, fresh veggies and homemade vegan veggie dip with me to my family dinner. My sister surprised me by making vegan stuffing and vegan green bean casserole. My dad poked fun of me but the rest of the family was very supportive.

  • SirVeggieLot says:

    I have faced this same issue in the past. For that I resort to mock meat (I find that the similarity allows my family to try more and identify with the idea of the food) I know some folks do not like the mock meat so this is just an idea. My family really like smoked tofu guacamole, fresh salsa, garlic/onion mashed potatoes (as an alternative do the mashed butternut squash – yumm!) We have had great success with the stuffed Tofurkey (or similar). Appetizers – Veggie pizza bites with vegan cheese or yummy finger sandwiches with veganaise, fresh spinich/basil, tomatoes and cheese (toasted). My pop is a true meat and potatoes guy and so nothing really tops his list but he never goes hungry =) Best of luck and remember if it tastes good and doesn’t hurt…eat it!

  • Baleigh says:

    i had the best meat-free thanksgiving ever! :D

  • Katelynn says:

    i had to suffer through my first thanksgiving as a vegitarian. my parents arent exactly compassionate on how little i could eat, other than desserts. Luckily, i get to spend christmas with my mom, who is more than willing to try and cook something for me. The only problem is that i have to find out what she can cook since we have the rest of our meat eating family over. Any help?

  • Mimar says:


  • Jayla says:

    WOW! Your tofurky came out PERFECT, mine was slightly burnt. Everything looks amazing!!!!!!!

  • Holly says:

    Looks Yummy ! What is the Pie Plate ? :) Thx !

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