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Welcome to TeachKind, PETA’s humane-education division! We’re here to help schools and educators promote kindness and compassion for animals through free lesson plans, classroom presentations, materials, advice, online resources, and more. Teaching kids to have empathy for all beings is a big step toward building a better, more compassionate world. Check out TeachKind’s resources and start teaching animal rights now!

Victory! Vegan Teacher Wins Free Speech Battle

This teacher faced a lot of adversity for speaking up for animals—but he didn’t let that slow him down.

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Teacher Spotlight: Meet Brenda Fiorini

Meet Brenda, a compassionate children’s book author and public school teacher, and get her tips on humane education!

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Animal Rights and Women’s Rights (VIDEO)

Women have a played a crucial role in each major social justice movement—and they can continue to do so by fighting for the rights of animals.

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PETA Kids’ ‘Cutest Vegan Kid’ Contest 2015

There’s nothing cuter than compassion, so encourage your vegan students to enter for the chance to be named the cutest vegan kid for 2015!

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Send Love to Orcas This Valentine’s Day

Take this opportunity to work with your students to spread compassion!

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How Your School Can Help Chained Dogs

TeachKind’s “Change for Chained Dogs” pack makes fundraising for animals easy!

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Learning Compassion From Martin Luther King Jr. (K–6)

Use Dr. King’s inspirational quotations about social justice to introduce students to civil rights and animal rights and ways they can take action.

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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. (Grades 7–12)

Animal rights and human rights are inextricably linked. For this lesson, use Dr. King’s words to inspire your students to speak up for all beings.

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High School Student vs. Glue Traps

No school should ever use glue traps—and high school student Abby will inspire you to make sure your school isn’t supporting cruelty!

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Meet the Winners of TeachKind’s Teacher Appreciation Contest!

Ready to be inspired? Check out the awesome teachers who were honored in TeachKind’s 2014 Teacher Appreciation Contest!

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Order a FREE Vegan Starter Kit

You can save more than 100 animals per year by going vegan. Order a FREE vegan starter kit here.