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Welcome to TeachKind, PETA’s humane-education division! We’re here to help schools and educators promote kindness and compassion for animals through free lesson plans, classroom presentations, materials, advice, online resources, and more. Teaching kids to have empathy for all beings is a big step toward building a better, more compassionate world. Check out TeachKind’s resources and start teaching animal rights now!

TeachKind’s ‘Cut Out Dissection’ Contest! Valdés

TeachKind’s ‘Cut Out Dissection’ Contest!

Forget cutting up dead animals—you could win FREE virtual-dissection software for your class.

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What’s on Your 2015–2016 Humane Education Bucket List? minasi

What’s on Your 2015–2016 Humane Education Bucket List?

Every day, you have a brand-new chance to make a difference for animals. Choose your goals, and take our pledge to stay on track!

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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

Teach students how spaying and neutering companion animals can help solve the overpopulation crisis!

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Help Homeless Animals in Shelters (Video)

Show your students that their choices can save lives.

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FREE Back-to-School Phone Backgrounds

Checking your phone just got WAY more inspiring.

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13 Times Schools and Students Spoke Up for Orcas

Will your school be the next to take a stand against keeping orcas in captivity?

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6 Ways Kind Teachers Can Relax This Summer

Sometimes being a passionate teacher who also cares about animals can be stressful—so treat yourself with a little summertime TLC!

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Why Humane Education?

Teaching students empathy for animals is important. Here’s why.

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6 Ways for Summer School Teachers to Make a Difference

With these tips, you can make the summer as life-changing for your students as the rest of the year.

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How Littering Hurts Animals

No lesson on the proper disposal of waste and recycling would be complete without examining how our trash can hurt animals—and how to prevent harming them.

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