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Meet PETA and the PETA Foundation Staff: Shalin

Shalin Gala HeadshotShalin Gala
Laboratory Methods Specialist

I work at PETA’s headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, in the Laboratory Investigations Department (LID). On a typical day, I talk directly with corporate executives in a variety of industries—running the gambit from the makers of medical devices to developers of food and beverage products—regarding sophisticated non-animal research methods and how companies can implement these modern technologies in place of archaic and cruel experiments on animals. I also work on changing regulations around the world, which has involved writing detailed technical dossiers to Indian and Taiwanese government officials in order to reform inhumane medical education curricula, submitting a detailed brief to the U.S. Department of Defense regarding alternatives to mutilating animals in crude combat trauma training exercises, and flying to Bolivia to testify before a congressional committee in favor of a national draft animal welfare law. When LID uncovers violations of animal protection regulations, I file complaints with the appropriate authorities—ranging from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to local prosecutors—and we seek justice for animals who are too easily taken for granted by those who use and abuse them in experiments.

When I’m not fretting about the more than 115 million animals who are used in U.S. laboratories each year, I am usually whipping up delectable vegan feasts in the kitchen and playing with the best dog in the world.