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Dining Out

Welcome to PETA’s guide to dining out. Whether you’re looking for vegan options while on the road or detailed reviews of a vegetarian-friendly restaurant close to home, this dining guide has it all.

 Vegan Eating on the Road

Some people fear that being vegan can make travel more stressful and less enjoyable, but that’s not the case. Find tasty vegan meals at a variety of restaurants nationwide ahead of time by checking out our “Chain Restaurants Guide.” If you’re on the road and pressed for time—or cash—use the “Vegan Snacks Guide” to find quick-and-easy options available at any gas station. Read More.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant Guide

Looking for a vegetarian-friendly restaurant near you? We have reviews for dozens of restaurants across the United States and some around the world. Each review includes a detailed description of the food and atmosphere and provides contact information. Read more.  

For more comprehensive listings of vegetarian restaurants worldwide, check out these dining guides: Happy CowVeg Dining, and VegGuide.


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  • Kenya says:

    In Rockland County New York, Main Essentials Nyack, New York I bought meat eaters there and they didn’t know they were eating tofu. It was the best restaurant vegan, vegetarian, or meat. I

  • Elizabeth says:

    Heartland Restaurant in Minneapolis does not offer any vegan dishes on the menu, but they will make a fantastic flora meal if you request it. They use all local ingredients. I was very happy with my dining experience!

  • Chia says:

    I use HappyCow – the website shows you vegetarian, vegan, and veg-friendly places to eat in the US & worldwide, with useful reviews and photos.

  • pinky says:

    Garden Fresh Vegetarian Food 16034 Gale Ave
    Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
    (626) 968-2279

    the food here blew my world. Never knew vegetarian dishes could taste as good as this.

  • Rajsri says:

    Kalachandji’s in Dallas and also Cosmic Cafe in Dallas have some really wonderful veg options. If you are in Dallas check them out. The next best option is our home!! Me, my husband and our two children have been vegetarian forever !!!

  • Chelsea says:

    It’s too bad that there isn’t a list of Canadian cities also. You can find a list of vegan restaurants at and
    In Winnipeg, Manitoba I recommend Mondragon and Boon Burger… two of my personal favorites!

  • VeganBatmanBabyy says:

    If you are in the Phenix City, Alabama area, there is a FANTASTIC family owned Indian food place called Taj Mahal. The majority of their menu is vegan. They have a larger section for vegan/vegetarian appetizers than those with meat! Great service. They also have a lunch buffet, but I haven’t eaten there during lunch- yet!

  • Megan says:

    Idk if someone else mentioned it but Noodles & Company is also really great for vegan dishes.

  • Daniella dZ says:

    If you’re in Burlington, Ontario, Canada you have to check out KindFood on John Street. They are vegan and gluten free and have the best cupcakes in the world. I’m really lucky that my mom and dad are vegan too and we have awesome food at home, but sometimes it’s good to eat something different and this place totally rocks.

  • MotherLodeBeth says:

    I have found that areas with university/college communities, areas with SDA (Seventh Day Adventists),Rastafarian and Indian folks tend to have the most vegan/vegetarian places to eat. These tend to be kid friendly so easier for vegan/vegetarian families with small kids and teen agers. Especially when traveling.

  • Leah says:

    theres a great vegan restaurant in boston- its off of the park street stop on the tee its called the thai vegan cafe its SUPER cheap and their “chicken” fingers are to die for

  • Elliot says:

    DARBSTER is a new Vegan restaurant in West Palm Beach at 8020 South Dixie Highway – 561-586-2622. The food is excellent the atmosphere is beautiful and the wait service is informative and friendly.

  • Vin says:

    Eat with the Hare Krishnas! Pure lacto-vegetarian ecstasy!!!
    You will find their temples and restaurants in major cities across the USA, and the world. Kalachandji’s in Dallas, TX, has repeatedly won several Best Vegetarian Restaurant awards, and is a hot favorite for many vegans, vegetarians, and the rest of the folks, since the menu is diverse and exquisite, including labels for vegan, gluten free, milk, and spicy, – since some of it is fiery-delicious Indian cuisine! Check out your local Govinda’s if you are in Tucson, AZ, or Boulder, CO, or London, Sao Paulo, Brisbane.. 🙂

  • Kayzea says:

    I’ve started to become vegetarian with the goal to be completely vegan in 3 months, but my husband has no such goal….and he is a manager in a roadhouse type restaurant 🙁 But I love Indian food and I am delighted that my favorite Indian Restaurant is mostly vegan and completely vegetarian. Most Indian food is free of meat.

  • Kayzea says:

    I’ve started to become vegetarian with the goal to be completely vegan in 3 months, but my husband has no such goal….and he is a manager in a roadhouse type restaurant 🙁 But I love Indian food and I am delighted that my favorite Indian Restaurant is mostly vegan and completely vegetarian. Most Indian food is free of meat.

  • Junia says:

    bre – I live in Brazil and I’m a lacto-egg vegetarian. I think it’s easy eating out in Brazil because all restaurants have good salads, with a lot of vegetables. If you’re coming to a big city, you can also find exclusively vegan restaurants.

  • donna says:

    is soy milk good for kids they are 8yrs and 10

  • bre says:

    I’m travelling to Brazil soon and though I haven’t made the switch to vegan just yet my body has already started switching for me. What I mean is I have dairy, beef and egg allergies so I’ve started eating a lot of vegan food. I’m a little worried about finding allergy free food, which most of the time I’m reassured if it says vegan. Has anyone had any experiences dining out in Brazil?

  • Elena says:

    i’ve been vegan for about six months now and i too was worried about eating out. i didn’t know what i would eat on dates or with friends, i didn’t want to seem too picky. but i found it’s really not that difficult. almost any sit-down restaurant at the very least has sides of rice and veggies. i just make sure to ask them not to use butter. that plus a salad and you have yourself a great meal, and its cheaper than ordering an entree 🙂

  • Leigh says:

    I have been vegetarian since I was 11 and am now 50. Most places cater for vegetarians but some do not quite understand the need not to use fish sauce, animal stock, cheese with rennet or cook the vegetables in the same pan or for that matter oven as meat.

  • Jack says:

    A lot of the cost of vegan restaurants is that they serve locally, organic food etc. That is what drives the cost up. You can eat at a Chinese / Indian restaurant for the same price as everyone else. Just ask the folks to point you to the meatless or vegan dishes. You can also eat at Johnny Rockets, Burger King, olive garden
    The cost comes in when you mix vegetarianism in with organic / specialty foods.
    I call them gourmet vegan restaurants.

  • sophie says:

    hope, not nessasarily. you can still go to a regular resturant and just get a salad which is usually less expensive then say a burger.

  • stephanie says:

    Hi Jennifer, I am in Phoenix too and just went Veg. What restaurants do you like?

  • Dena says:

    Try THE LOVING HUT. They are all over the USA and a fraction of the price of eating out. They even took me in the kitchen to show me how to prepare some of their dishes. Try finding another place that does that! They only want one thing, and that’s to get all of us to eat cruelty free. Kudos to THE LOVING HUT, worcester MA!

  • Jennifer says:

    Hope, maybe it is relative to where you are located. I live in Phoenix AZ and the vegan restaurants here are absolutely NOT more expensive. THeir prices are on par with most other restaurants in the city.

  • Hal says:

    It is more expensive, but if its something thats important to you then its worth it. At least thats the way I look at it.

  • Hope says:

    This is helpful but doesn’t eating at a vegan restaurant cost three times as much?

  • Lakonja says: