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There are so many easy ways to “veganize” your nuptials—whether you want an intimate indie love fest or a royal-level extravaganza, planning a vegan wedding has never been so fun and easy.

Scrumptious Food and Drink

Add compassionate flair to your special day with glorious gourmet vegan food that will please hungry guests. Our favorite special events go-to is Wolfgang Puck Catering, which makes absolutely delicious vegan fare. If you live in a place where vegan caterers aren’t on every corner, you can offer to provide any caterer with vegan recipes or suggestions.

Also, check out our vegan wine page for a list of cruelty-free libations.

Photo of a Vegan Wedding Day menuPhoto Credit: Peer Johnson Photography

Chic Clothing

Brides will want to make sure that their dresses and veils are free of silk and that their shoes aren’t made of animal skins. Men should check out this informative page for vegan grooms in order to avoid wool suits, silk ties, and leather shoes.

bride and groom posing for a photo on their wedding dayPhoto Credit: Peer Johnson Photography

You can dress as uniquely or traditionally as you’d like. The designer Evey creates custom gowns using only vegan materials—and never silk. She’s known for her magical multicolor and light-up dresses.

Glamorous Makeup and Hair

With so many compassionate companies to choose from, it’s a cinch to get all dolled up with cruelty-free makeup. Find out if a company is kind to animals by searching our cruelty-free database of companies, and check this list for a peek at some popular cruelty-free brands.

When it’s time to dress up your tresses, there are many options for cruelty-free hair products.

Decorations and Details

There are a few things to consider when decorating the setting of your celebration. You’ll want to look for cruelty-free candles or opt for battery-powered ones. Make sure that the trim on your tablecloths isn’t made of silk, and adorn yourself and the room with sweet-smelling flowers instead of silk flowers.

Compassionate Gifting

You’re starting a new life with the person you love, and what better way is there to celebrate than to help save lives with your gifts? Ask your loved ones to donate to PETA’s important work, and you’ll not only feel good but also save paper by not requiring gift receipts.

Don’t Forget the Honeymoon!

So many places in the world, so little time! Check out these vegan-friendly honeymoon location ideas and compassionate travel websites to help you plan the big trip.

If you’re reading this, a “congratulations” is perhaps in order! We hope your special day is as compassionate and beautiful as you are.

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