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7 Vegan Athletes With More Muscles Than You

Unbelievable vegan athletic feats are popping up faster than you can say, “whey-free protein shake.” Here are the just a few crazy things that vegan athletes have accomplished.

1. A vegan carried more weight than anyone EVER.

In 2013, vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian broke the world record for the most weight ever carried by a human being, lugging 1,216 lbs. across 10 meters. It’s no fluke either: Patrik holds multiple weightlifting world records and was named Germany’s Strongest Man in 2011.

2. A vegan won The Ultimate Fighter competition.

Vegan fighter Mac Danzig won The Ultimate Fighter 6, which catapulted him into a stellar Ultimate Fighting Championship career.

3. Two vegans completed five Ironman Triathlons—in a week!

Vegan ironmen Jason Lester and Rich Roll finished each triathlon on a different Hawaiian island in seven days, something that had never been done before. It spawned the creation of Jason’s EPIC5 Challenge, in which world-class athletes compete for charity.

4. A vegan won two gold medals at the Sochi Olympics.

Alexey Voyevoda won gold in the two- and four-man bobsled events at the 2014 games. If that wasn’t enough, this vegan is also a former arm-wrestling world champion.

5. A vegan is the reigning USA Boxing champion.
Plant-based boxer Cam F. Awesome has been a tournament-winning machine since going vegan in 2012, and he has now won more medals than any American in amateur boxing history.

6. A vegan ran a marathon on every continent (and at the North Pole).

Vegan runner Fiona Oakes had one exhausting world tour when she ran marathons on all seven continents and the North Pole (yes, that North Pole), where she set a new course record by 44 minutes.

7. A vegan is a world-champion freerunner.

Tim "Livewire" Shieff has noticed huge differences since going vegan. He's feeling healthier and able to train harder, and as the video shows, his performance is better than ever.

If you were surprised by the unbelievable accomplishments that plant-powered athletes can achieve, share this page on Facebook. Then go have a kale smoothie—your arms are looking a little scrawny.

And if you’re looking to become a world-class athlete (or just want to take the stairs without gasping), try going vegan today. It’s better for you, for the planet, and for animals.

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If you’re looking to become a world-class athlete (or just want to take the stairs without gasping), try going vegan today.
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