PETA Wins Lawsuit Demanding L.A. Metro Hit the Brakes on Free-Speech Restraint

This win is proof that L.A. Metro’s unconstitutional practices won’t deter PETA’s efforts to end speciesism. For animals, there’s too much on the line.

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Watch for Signs of Heatstroke in Pugs, French Bulldogs, and Other Breathing-Impaired Breeds During Heat Wave

Amid record-breaking heat waves, breathing-impaired breeds—including pugs and French bulldogs—may struggle to survive.

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PETA Blasts the Nation With New Ad Campaign Urging a Move Away From Meat

Now is the time to act! Slaughterhouses closed because of COVID-19, but now they’re reopening. If no one wants to buy what they produce, they’ll no longer be profitable.

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PETA’s Tiny Mouse Needs Your Help to Stop Big Pharma Testing

What happens to this mouse running his own experiments when the real world crashes in?

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A New PETA Video Knocks Down the Wall Between Animals We Love and Animals We Eat

This holiday season, watch the story of a girl who makes a friend in a pig, only to realize that her new friend is someone else’s food.

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The PETA Shop: Apparel, Accessories, and More!

PETA Takes Action After Anti–Canada Goose Ads Taken Down

An ad agency pulled PETA’s anti–Canada Goose ads without explanation. Now, we’re demanding that they be put back up.

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Looking for a Sign That It’s Too Hot for Spot? Here Are 7 of Them

To help stop animals and kids from suffering in hot cars, PETA worked with these businesses to place warning signs at their malls, supermarkets, stores, and other properties.

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Pigs Are Not Your Spare Parts

PETA responds to an experiment that aims to turn pigs into organ factories for humans.

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Dog Is Rescued From Hot SUV Live on Facebook as Owner Is MIA

A dog was rescued from a hot vehicle in the parking lot of the St. Louis Zoo, and the incident was broadcast live on Facebook.

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Actor James Cromwell: “Give Pigs a Break This Easter”

“When I made the movie Babe, I learned how smart and sensitive pigs are,” Cromwell says in a new PETA radio ad running in ‘Bible-minded’ cities this week.

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Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

Animal Companions

7 Stars Who Want You to Save a Dog’s Life

Celebrate “Adopt a Shelter Dog” Month with Lance Bass, Joanna Krupa, Chase Utley, and other canine-loving stars.

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Linda ‘Mean’ Maims Lobsters and Crabs—See What’s Being Done About It!

Lobsters, protesters, and a U.S. Marine throw up their arms (and claws) to protest Linda “Mean.”

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Chief Rabbi Blasts Cruelty During Chicken Ritual

In a landmark move, Israel’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi urges Jewish faithful to remember their holy obligation not to cause suffering to animals during kapparos.

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Is Your Hurl Worth $50?

As cab drivers start to charge people $50 per lost lunch, PETA puts our wheels in motion.

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Celebrities Band Together to Keep Dolphins out of Captivity

With people flocking to see Blackfish and celebrities doing everything that they can to keep dolphins free, marine-animal parks should be worried.

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PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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 Ingrid E. Newkirk

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— Ingrid E. Newkirk, PETA President and co-author of Animalkind