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Deport Callous Cheating Opportunists Now!

PETA’s billboard warns people about the presence of real “undesirables,” like Donald Trump Jr., who flies overseas to gun down living, feeling beings for fun.

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Travis and Alabama Barker: Make Some Noise for Animals

Grammy Award–nominated blink-182 drummer Travis Barker appears in a new PETA ad with his daughter, Alabama, urging fans to “make some noise for animals.”

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Don’t Let This Happen Again

PETA’s print PSA urges readers to take steps to wildlife-proof discarded containers in order to avoid endangering hungry or inquisitive animals.

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I Am Not a Handbag, a Belt, or a Pair of Shoes

PETA’s new ad reminds people that reptiles are not handbags, belts, or shoes but rather living, feeling beings just like us.

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