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One Experimenter’s Story:  I Hurt Animals Paul Gazda "We Are Sorry"

One Experimenter’s Story: I Hurt Animals

What does it feel like to work in a laboratory?

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Pamela Anderson Visits Maricopa County Jail to Promote Meat-Free Program

PETA applauds Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s policy and calls for jails and prisons nationwide to drop meat.

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Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton Honored With PETA’s Justice in Action Award

We’ve come to know Congresswoman Norton as a strong voice for justice for animals.

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IKEA Unpacks PETA Award for New Vegan Meatballs

Furniture giant nets praise for new cruelty-free option at its in-store restaurants.

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7 Ways to Help Animals Suffering in Experiments

There are easy steps to reduce the number of animals needlessly killed in experiments—how many will you take? Act now to stop animal testing!

How to Start an Animal Rights Group in 5 Steps

Do you and your friends love animals and wish you could do more to help them? Follow these easy steps to start an animal rights group and save lives.

WATCH: This April Fool’s Joke in Paris Airport Leaves Air France Red-Faced

Cruelty is no laughing matter, but sometimes playful tactics are the best way to get a compassionate message across.

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General Mills Leads the Way in Opposing Cow Mutilations

Following discussions with PETA, one of the world’s largest food companies has moved to end the cruel dehorning of calves. 

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‘Glee’ Stars Sing Out for Animals

In honor of Glee’s final episode, we’re looking back at a few of the ways five of the show’s stars have raised their voices to speak up for animals.

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Teaching Prisoners to Butcher Animals—Dumbest Idea Ever?

File under “What were they thinking?” A Minnesota state senator wants to give inmates a license to kill.

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The Story of Ag-Gag!

Across the country, lawmakers are considering “ag-gag” bills, which, if passed, could subject whistleblowers and undercover investigators to criminal prosecution for their efforts to expose animal abuse on factory …

‘Sam Got Them Out!’ A Poem About Sam Simon by Ingrid E. Newkirk

A poem written for animal ally and PETA Honorary Director Sam Simon.

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Sam Simon: A True Hero for Animals

The animals have lost a true ally and a sharp and honest tongue with the passing of PETA Honorary Director and entertainment giant Sam Simon, who was our dear …

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SeaWorld’s Accreditation Under Fire ©tammylo

SeaWorld’s Accreditation Under Fire

PETA submits official comments asking the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to hold the cruel animal park responsible for violations.

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Activist Spotlight: Melissa de Meulles

When it comes to wrangling animal abusers, the rodeo is no match for Melissa de Meulles. PETA’s latest activist spotlight features Melissa and her successful campaign to buck the …