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The 9-Year-Old Activist Who’s on SeaWorld’s Radar

This tiny dynamo isn’t even in fourth grade yet, but she’s already making waves for captive marine mammals around the world.

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5 Things to Do if You See a Dog in a Hot Car

The next time you see a dog trapped in a hot car, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Circus Signs Go Missing—Police Go After 84-Year-Old PETA Member

Octogenarian PETA member fights for her right to protest.

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8 Ways to Help Animals Using Stickers

The all-time easiest way to help animals … stickers! Check out PETA’s tips for using stickers to help animals, and order some for free!

8 Things You Never Knew About PETA

A few things you never knew about being employed at the world’s largest animal rights organization!

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The Eight Secrets of How PETA Works

“Racy” and “provocative” are just two words that are frequently used to describe PETA. President and cofounder Ingrid E. Newkirk reveals the method to PETA’s “madness.”

Keep People Talking About Your Animal Rights Group

Groups can do more than just protest and sign petitions. PETA’s resource page provides extensive tips on how to make your group a well-oiled advocacy machine for animals!

Your Lobster-on-a-Stick Will Make You Sick

The lobster slaughterhouse investigated by PETA last year has been cited by the Food and Drug Administration for food safety violations.

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See Who Inspires PETA and PETA Foundation Staffers Every Day

PETA and the PETA Foundation are looking for passionate people to join our teams!

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Maya Angelou Knew Why the Caged Bird Sings

The plight of a caged bird served as the inspiration for one of America’s most beloved poets.

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17 Facts That Prove Animals Are Winning

If you had any doubt about the momentum of the animal rights movement, these 14 facts will put those to bed.

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If You Eat This, You’re Taking Food Away From Her

A billion people are starving, and it might be your fault.

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3 Simple Steps for Placing an Animal Rights Billboard

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have an eye-catching animal rights billboard in your town in no time!

PETA Inflates Giant Toilet to Protest Canada’s Seal Slaughter © James Park

PETA Inflates Giant Toilet to Protest Canada’s Seal Slaughter

To commemorate Canada’s Tax Day, PETA blew up a toilet to show taxpayers how the seal massacre not only kills animals but also flushes money away.

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