Support + Feed Joins Billie Eilish’s Eco-Friendly World Tour to Promote Vegan Eats

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After seeing local restaurants close during the pandemic, one vegan activist stepped up to support small businesses and feed those in need. Maggie Baird started Support + Feed, a charity that was named PETA’s 2020 Company of the Year for helping vegan restaurants stay afloat. Now, Baird is teaming up with Wicked Kitchen and her daughter, singer Billie Eilish, to encourage people to pledge to eat one vegan meal a day for 30 days.

The pledge coincides with Eilish’s Happier Than Ever world tour, which aims to focus on sustainability. The tour will feature an “eco-village” where fans can learn more about combating the effects of the climate catastrophe, including by going vegan.

Founder Maggie Baird raised her kids as vegetarians because eating “plant-based is one of the major ways that people can save the planet and live cruelty-free.” Now her whole family is vegan and they pitch in to help with the company, too. Of course, Baird is not the only star in her family, as her two vegan children are award-winning pop stars: Billie Eilish and FINNEAS.

“I am honored to be able to call attention to these local businesses, who … are trying to make the world a better place.”

Billie Eilish

50,000 Reasons to Love Support + Feed

The company has served more than 50,000 vegan meals to date—that’s a lot of love on a plate. It’s helping the hunger crisis with kindness, as all of its meals are free. Support + Feed always serves with a smile.

The food initiative offers meals prepared by vegan restaurants to those who need them the most, including BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) households, first responders, and homeless shelters. Support + Feed runs entirely off donations, which go directly to funding plant-based businesses and serving those in need.

The company coordinates with charities to turn donations into dinners. It delivers nutritious and delicious meals in four major U.S. cities: Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. The company picks up chef-crafted meals from vegan restaurants and takes them to donation centers across the cities it serves.

Volunteers then deliver meals to nourish local communities, which are informed about veganism as they eat: Every meal comes with free resources on the benefits of being vegan. (Check out PETA’s guide here!) And big-name vegan brands are taking note. Beyond Meat, Daiya, and Follow Your Heart have donated to fund thousands of meal deliveries.

You can help feed marginalized people across the country by donating to Support + Feed’s partner restaurants. Some of our favorites are Veggie Grill in Los Angeles, praised by celebrities and kids alike, and PLNT Burger in D.C., a tasty chain for all your fast-food cravings.

Why These Grammy Winners Love PETA’s Company of the Year

Eilish and FINNEAS have won more than a few Grammys and countless other awards and are still their mother’s biggest cheerleaders. After the family delivered meals to hospital nurses on Mother’s Day, FINNEAS gave his mother the sweetest shout-out:

“All values and qualities I aspire to possess and uphold are yours mom. If anyone can change the world, it’s you.”


As a champion of animal rights with a big heart, Eilish loves Support + Feed, too. She takes after her mom in being an outspoken animal activist. Among her many accolades is one from PETA—she won an Animal Liberation Award last year.

Go Vegan as if Your Life Depends on It—Because It Does

The current pandemic won’t be the last. We must do everything in our power to stop the transmission of animal-borne pathogens at the source, and the most effective way is to go vegan. Support + Feed sets an example that we all can follow, by taking personal responsibility for our world.

Cutting animal-derived products out of your life can prevent future pandemics and is the single best thing you can do for animals and your health. Plus, you’ll do your part to slow the climate crisis. If you’re not sure how to start, order PETA’s vegan starter kit. It’s the best holiday present you could give to yourself (and it’s free!). In the words of FINNEAS, “[I]t’s honestly so criminally easy to be vegan right now you have no excuse not to.”

You can save the lives of nearly 200 animals a year by going vegan. Check out PETA’s two-week meal plan to kick-start a healthy and kind lifestyle.

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