Published by Katherine Sullivan.

It’s the best year in history to celebrate “Veganuary”! Not only are exciting new vegan products and vegan food trends making it easier than ever to be vegan in 2021, PETA is also giving you a Veganuary cheat sheet. There are actions to take for every weekday in January—they’re all fun and feasible (not to mention lifesaving). It’s your time to shine this Veganuary, and we’re here if you need us.

January 1: Get Started With a Vegan Starter Kit

Did you know that you could save nearly 200 animals per year just by going vegan? That’s right—being vegan saves lives. So order yourself a free vegan starter kit, which will guide you through making the transition to a healthier, happier, longer life.

January 4: Discover How Good Vegan Takeout Is

Support a local vegan restaurant by ordering takeout and leaving a positive review online. If you’re in Los Angeles, we highly recommend Shojin or Compton Vegan. But you may be surprised how many vegan paradises can be found in small towns, too—check out HappyCow to discover them all.

January 5: Try Vegan Meat

Eating animal flesh means that a thinking, feeling cow, pig, bird, or fish—an individual who was someone’s family member or friend—was killed. But from local co-ops to big-box stores (including Target and Walmart), retailers are stocking more vegan meat options, such as Beyond Meat, than ever before, making it really easy to spare sentient beings. So head to your local grocery store and opt for one of these vegan meats.

January 6: Persuade Your Local Store to Stock More Vegan Products

In just a few easy steps, you can help get more vegan food in a local grocery store. All you have to do is ask. Follow our simple step-by-step guide.

January 7: Treat Yo’ Self to a Vegan Treat

When you opt for vegan ice cream and other dairy-free desserts, you’re treating cows, too. And since shops like Dairy Queen as well as brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs offer exciting vegan ice cream options, your January 7 action may just be the easiest, tastiest one on this list.

January 8: Donate Vegan Food to Those in Need

You’re giving yourself a gift by going vegan, so consider paying that gift forward: Donate vegan food to a local food bank. Food banks distribute donations to communities and individuals in need—and contributing vegan nonperishable items is a great way to include animals in your charitable giving.

January 11: Try Vegan Fish

Fish are smart, social animals with their own unique personalities—they’re not here for us to hook, net, or eat. But vegan fish is good eatin’ eight days a week. Visit a local supermarket and pick up Gardein Fishless Filets, Sophie’s Kitchen Vegan Crab Cakes, or Good Catch Fish-Free Tuna. Check out the other vegan seafood products available in stores.

January 12: Get Cookin’ and Get Social

PETA offers tons of free vegan recipes—we have options for everything from breakfast to dessert! Whip one up and post about it on Instagram, and be sure to tag @peta.

January 14: Swap Congealed Cow Secretions for Delicious, Pus-Free Vegan Cheese

For mac ’n’ cheese, homemade pizza, a charcuterie board, or any other grub involving cheese, try one of the many delicious, dairy-free cheeses that grace supermarket shelves today. Because stealing calves away from their mothers is never OK.

January 15: Give the Gift of Helping Someone Going Vegan

Giving is as good as receiving! So help spread the cheer: Give a vegan gift basket to a neighbor, friend, or family member—anyone who’s not yet made the compassionate switch. Fill it with items like vegan wine, vegan snacks, compelling books, and vegan chocolate boxes.

January 18: Urge Your Favorite Eateries to Go Vegan, Too

Let the management at a local café or restaurant know how you feel about their vegan options. (Politely, of course!) PETA makes it easy with our vegan restaurant comment cards.

January 19: Host a Vegan Cooking Party

Yes, even during the pandemic, you can throw a vegan “cook with me” party. (Thank you, Zoom and FaceTime!) Give your friends a list of supplies and some time to shop, then cook or bake your vegan recipe of choice together.

January 20: Throw a Netflix Party

Speaking of virtual parties, consider hosting a film screening with your nonvegan friends. Choose a movie like Earthlings, Dominion, Okja, or What the Health—and use Netflix Party, Zoom, Teleparty, or a similar app so you can all watch and discuss it together.

January 21: Inspire Your Neighbors

Even while most of us are staying at home, you can display a colorful sign in your front yard to remind folks that there’s no place and no excuse for speciesism or any other form of discrimination. For a free option, display a PETA poster in your window—all you need is a printer!

January 22: Improve Your Local Magazine Racks

Next time you’re stocking up on vegan goods at the grocery store or 7-Eleven, leave a stack of vegan starter kits in the magazine rack. (Don’t have any on hand? E-mail [email protected] for free supplies.)

January 25: Give Egg Cartons the Labels They Deserve

“Cage-free” means absolutely nothing to the hens who are stuffed on top of each other in filthy warehouses and made to overproduce eggs until their bodies give out and they’re killed. Help set the record straight: Order free egg carton enhancer stickers, visit some local grocers, and get decorating.

January 26: Tell the World (or at Least Your Followers) You’re Vegan

Use a PETA photo frame on your Facebook profile photo (such as the “I’m a Friend to Animals” one), or try our animal-friendly Instagram filters when recording stories about how much you love being vegan.

January 27: You Woke Up and Smelled the ‘Decalf’ Coffee—Urge Starbucks to Do the Same

Now that you’re vegan, you’re probably as mad as the rest of us at Starbucks, the largest and one of the few that still upcharges for animal- and planet-friendly plant-based milk. So use your newfound vegan muscle to urge Starbucks to nix its vegan milk surcharge.

January 28: Tell Your Family, Tell Your Friends

You’re a vegan pro now, which means it’s time to enlighten your loved ones, too. Remember the free vegan starter kit that you ordered for yourself on January 1? Order a copy for your friends and family—help them enjoy a healthy and humane vegan life, too.

January 29: Make a Lasting Difference for Animals

Veganuary is a great initial motivator, but to make positive changes for animals, the planet, and your own health, your vegan journey shouldn’t last only a month—being vegan should be a lifelong commitment. And we’re here to help. Sign up to receive e-mails containing recipes, tips, and more; text* VEGAN to 73822 to get helpful advice on living vegan sent straight to your phone; and follow PETA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok for a steady stream of vegan and animal rights tips and other content.

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