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Target’s grocery section hits the mark when it comes to tasty vegan options. The retail chain carries cruelty-free products from vegan companies such as Beyond Meat and Gardein as well as its own health-conscious Simply Balanced line—which includes everything from smoky chipotle vegan chicken to sorbet.

Next time you head to Target, look for these great vegan products, available at locations nationwide:

Meatless Meat

1. Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders

Gardein crispy tenders

Target carries a variety of deliciously vegan Gardein products, including Classic Meatless Meatballs, The Ultimate Beefless Ground, Home Style Meatless Meatloaf, Lightly Seasoned Chick’n Scallopini, Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n, and Crispy Chick’n Sliders.

2. Beyond Burger

We love Beyond Meat’s vegan burger made from pea protein.

3. Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon

Get your breakfast on with this vegan bacon that packs 10 grams of protein per serving.

Frozen Meals

4. Simply Balanced Spicy Vegan Bean Chili

Vegan Products at Target: Simply Balanced Vegan Chili

Made with a mix of garbanzo, kidney, and black beans as well as fire-roasted green peppers and jalapeños, this chili is the real deal.

5. Sweet Earth World Entrees

Featuring fresh ingredients and vegetables, five of Sweet Earth’s bowls are completely vegan: the Black Bean & Mango Cubano, the Curry Tiger, General Tso’s Tofu, the Moroccan Tagine, and the Kyoto Stir Fry.

6. Amy’s Light & Lean Spaghetti Italiano with Meatless Meatballs

Amys Spaghetti

Amy’s is our go-to brand for quick and tasty vegan dinners such as this spaghetti as well as vegan pot pie, bowls, burritos, soups, and more.

7. Sweet Earth The Curry Tiger Burrito

sweet earth curry burrito

There are no GMOs in this awesome vegan burrito, but there are yummy lentils and curried seitan. Sweet Earth also offers The Kyoto, The Anasazi, and the Big Sur Breakfast burritos.

8. Van’s Wheat Gluten Free Waffles

vans waffles

Sweetened with fruit juice, this quick, toaster-friendly waffle is for the breakfast-on-the-go types.


9. Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino Chilled Coffee Drinks with Almondmilk (in Mocha or Vanilla Flavors)

10. Kite Hill Caramel Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt

Kite Hill’s caramel flavored yogurt is available in 80 Target stores across the country, so be sure to check your local store for availability. 

11. LÄRABAR Original Fruit & Nut Food Bar

lara bar

LÄRABAR’s fruit and nut food bars are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Target carries value packs, so you can stock up!

12. Sabra Hummus

sabra hummus

Sabra hummus comes in many delicious varieties, including Classic, Roasted Garlic, Greek Olive, and Roasted Red Pepper.

13. Dang Toasted Coconut Chips

coconut chips

When we first discovered these, we weren’t sure what to expect, but now we know they’re dang good!

14. Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Justins Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

We can’t be healthy all the time, but we can always be compassionate, thanks to Target’s vegan sweet tooth.

15. Lotus Biscoff & Go Cookie Butter and Breadsticks

look for vegan products, like this, at Target

This brand, which you may recognize from your last airline flight, now offers handy snack packs featuring a tempting cookie butter for dipping. They’re a perfect quick treat while you’re on the go.


16. Archer Farms Nondairy Frozen Desserts

Vegan Products at Target: Archer Farms Non Dairy Strawberry Ice Cream

Target’s very own Archer Farms now offers vegan ice cream. Flavors include Vanilla Cake & Cookie Dough, Caramel Brownie, Cashew Caramel, Strawberry & Fudge, Vanilla Bean, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, and Mocha Almond Fudge.

17. Simply Balanced Raspberry Sorbet

Vegan Products at Target: Simply Balanced Raspberry Sorbet

Sorbet flavors include lemon, tart cherry, raspberry, and mango. We’ll take one of each, please.

18. So Delicious Coconut Milk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

So Delicious Ice Cream

So Delicious offers a ton of ice cream flavors—and fudge bars, too.

19. Häagen-Dazs Nondairy Frozen Dessert Bars

Target offers Häagen-Dazs frozen dessert bars in Chocolate Fudge.

Don’t forget, Target also carries a hefty selection of cruelty-free vegan beauty products. Click here to see our favorites!

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