Lindsay Pollard-Post

Lindsay Pollard-Post

Lindsay has been writing about animals since she could hold a pencil. She started with comic books—all starring her cat. By middle school, she was writing anti-vivisection essays. As a senior writer and editor for the PETA Foundation, her pieces promoting animal rights have appeared everywhere from The New York Times to high in the sky (on airplane banners). Lindsay finds endless inspiration in the outdoors—on a trail, in a kayak, or on cross-country skis—and in her adopted feline companions, Mia and Sundae.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Was a Champion for Big Cats, Horses, and Other Animals

Throughout her long career, Sen. Dianne Feinstein supported legislation to protect animals and spoke out against cruelty, including cub-petting operations and the carnage to horses who are forced to race.

‘It’s a Crisis’: PETA Talks to an Animal Control Chief About Hoarding in the ‘Rescue’ Industry

The stench made investigators gag—but dogs had to breathe, eat, and sleep in this hoarding hell house 24/7. Make sure your local shelter isn’t dooming animals to similar fates.

El Dorado County Animal Services
‘No-Kill’ Policies Save Shelters’ Statistics—Not Animals

These animals were bludgeoned, poisoned, strangled, and killed in other horrific ways—all because of “no-kill” shelter policies.

More Than 100 Animals Have Died in Fires Recently, and the Reason Why Might Surprise You

Hoarders who claim to “save” animals often cage them in criminally cruel conditions. When fires break out, animals have no chance to escape. (Warning: graphic images)

5 Ways PETA Is Controversial … to Animal Exploiters

PETA wrote the playbook on courting controversy for a cause, with strategies that range from going nude to exposing the naked truth about cruel industries.

Animal Companions
‘No-Kill’ or ‘No Admission’? Limited-Intake Shelter Policies Implode

As communities experience the disastrous results of misguided “no-kill” policies, PETA urges shelters to make animals, not statistics, their priority.

Animal Companions
GRAPHIC: PETA Obtains Disturbing Photos Exposing the Lie of ‘Live Release’ Stats

The animal “rescue” industry is an unregulated Wild West. Animals are suffering and dying horrifically as a result.

Animal Companions
Animal Shelters Aren’t Sheltering, and It’s Fueling Cat Hoarders

Here’s another grim example of the results when animal shelters stop sheltering: Hundreds of cats suffered at the hands of cat hoarders claiming to “rescue” them.

Kirk Douglas Had Something to Teach Us All

Kirk Douglas’ remarkable life was an inspiration to us all to live compassionately and to speak out against injustice.
Doris Day’s Most Enduring Role

Doris Day recorded more than 650 songs and starred in nearly 40 films, but we will always remember her for her most important role: animal champion.

Animal Companions
Caring for a Small Animal Is a Big Commitment

Think a fish, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, or other small animal will be “easier” to care for than a dog or cat? Think again.

Animal Companions
Is Your Dog a Prisoner in Her Own Home?

Does your dog’s “life” consist of staring out from behind bars, waiting for you to come home?

Support All Nursing Mothers: A Breastfeeding Mom’s Plea

Influencer and new mother Michelle Weinhofen teams up with PETA for a powerful anti-dairy plea ahead of World Breastfeeding Week.

PETA Germany Heats Up the U.N. Climate Change Conference

If we’re serious about stopping climate change, it’s time to change what we put on our plates.

Bill Dyer: Animal Defender Extraordinaire

Through songs, protests, and relentless dedication, Bill Dyer staunchly defended animals until the very end.

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