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That skin … that hair … that body! Ever notice that certain celebrities just seem ageless somehow? No, not the plastic surgery nightmare stuff. It’s that glow. What’s their secret? Refraining from eating meat.

PETA Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities 2014:
Jared Leto & Ellen Page!

Jared Leto©

He’s a wildly talented, Oscar-winning actor and a platinum-selling rock star. He’s also a sexy vegan! Jared Leto has been vegetarian since he was a teenager, and he switched to a vegan lifestyle just a few years later after learning about the presence of pus in dairy products. The benefits of his vegan eating sure do show! Jared is 42 years old and arguably hasn’t aged in 20 years!

Bursting onto the scene in 2007’s hit movie Juno, then-20-year-old Ellen Page was as fresh-faced as one could be. Seven years later, she has remained just as radiant. It has been a stellar year for Ellen. She is not only a busy actor but also a feminist, an environmentalist, an activist, a pioneer, and a compassionate vegan. It doesn’t get sexier than that!

2014 Top Contenders!

With this year’s massive list of vegan and vegetarian celebrities, 2014 has been a tough one to narrow down the top contenders for Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarian! What do you think?!


Ariana Grande©
Ariana Grande

Christie Brinkley©
Christie Brinkley

Edie Falco©
Edie Falco

Ellie Goulding©
Ellie Goulding

Jenna Dewan-Tatum©
Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Jessica Paré©
Jessica Paré

Kate Mara©
Kate Mara

Sarah Silverman©
Sarah Silverman


Darren Aronofsky©
Darren Aronofsky

Joaquin Phoenix©
Joaquin Phoenix



Peter Dinklage©
Peter Dinklage

Ricky Martin©
Ricky Martin

Russell Brand©
Russell Brand

Samuel L. Jackson©
Samuel L. Jackson

Woody Harrelson©
Woody Harrelson

Acne? Inflammation? Wrinkles? Not for the 2014 crop of PETA’s Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarian nominees! Click here for a full list.