This Quiz Will Reveal Your Vegan Recipe Personality Type

Published by PETA Staff.

Which vegan recipe are you? Do you sizzle like a Soyrizo scramble or are you timeless like a tempeh BLT?

Take PETA’s “Which vegan recipe are you?” quiz to find out, and then share the results with your friends!


This Quiz Will Reveal Your Vegan Recipe Personality Type

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1. At summer cookouts, which vegan condiment is your top choice for burgers or veggie dogs fresh off the grill?
2. For your birthday, you and your friends visit a reputable farm sanctuary. You can’t wait to see all the animals, but you’re particularly excited to blow kisses to whom?
3. Which song resonates with you most?
4. On a long road trip, at which fast-casual or fast-food restaurant do you pull over for a quick lunch?
5. If you had to live off one entrée item for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
6. What is your favorite kitchen appliance?
7. What sounds best for breakfast?
8. If you could choose one free item from the PETA Shop to show your animal rights pride, which would you opt for?
9. You’re inevitably going to double-tap each video, but the PETA TikTok that you’re most likely to repost is which one?
10. During which era of the vegan revolution did you go vegan?
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