Top 4 Reasons to Add ‘Mowgli’ to Your Netflix Queue

From keeping wild animals off set to depicting a hunter who gets his due, “Mowgli” is a treat for movie buffs and animal advocates alike.

Netflix, Inc
Dog and Chimpanzee Beaten to Force Them to Perform for Reality Show

PETA Asia called for a boycott of a new reality TV show in China called “We Are Friends” after receiving footage of abuse behind the scenes.

Zhejiang TV Official Channel | YouTube
Crewmember Breaks Silence on Dead Cow Reportedly Mutilated for ‘Yellowstone’

“Why in the hell is this not a prop?” asks an on-set whistleblower from Kevin Costner’s “Yellowstone” series. We’re asking the same question.

Lights, Camera, … Death? Find Out What It Took to Make ‘Alpha’

Not even American Humane will endorse “Alpha.” Find out why.

‘Westworld’ on Blast: PETA Says HBO Must Stop Exploiting Wild Animals

PETA has received complaints from HBO viewers, and with good reason. We’re calling on the network to do away with all animal exploitation.

Outraged Internet Agrees With PETA: Chaining Monkey Is Disturbing and Cruel

We’ve shown that animals are hanged from their necks and beaten into performing, but this spectacle is just as creepy as it is cruel.

Why PETA Wanted to Love ‘Rampage’—but Just Couldn’t

A film about a man’s unwavering bond with a gorilla sounds like one PETA would love, right? Here’s why we’re giving it little to no praise.

I Saw Something. I Said Something.

While working on the set of a film called “Crazy Alien,” I saw something that will stay with me forever. Here’s why you, too, should speak up.

‘Isle of Dogs’ Gets Right What ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ and ‘Crazy Alien’ Got So Horribly Wrong

Dogs take on leading roles in Wes Anderson’s new heartwarming film. Instead of using real dogs, they’re brought to life through stop motion.

Video Report: Dog Locked in Cage, Plunged Into Frigid River for Movie

“I witnessed first hand one of the worst animal cruelty acts I have ever seen.”

PETA Calls for ‘Exclusion Riders’ to Protect Animals Used in Films

Frances McDormand just taught the world what an inclusion rider is. Now PETA wants Hollywood to go a step further with “exclusion riders.”

Announcing the PETA Oscats: These Were 2017’s Best Films and Stars for Animals

Did your favorite flicks do right by animals?

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Hollywood Animal Handler Found Beating Animals, Has License Revoked

After years of pressure from PETA, notorious television and movie animal exhibitor Sidney Yost can no longer supply or handle animals for film and television productions.

PETA Praises Shutterstock for Banning Unnatural Images of Primates

By adopting this progressive policy, the company has made a huge difference for nonhuman primates, both in the wild and in captivity.

Oscar Contender ‘The Square’ Treated a Great Ape as a Living Prop

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk reminds viewers of the cruelty inherent in using animals as “actors.”

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