Are You a Meat-Eater Itching to Get Clean? PETA’s Patches Are for You!

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Do you still consume meat, eggs, or dairy? Or do you know a meat-eater who’s just itching to get clean? Then consider getting the PETA Shop’s latest new product: scratch ‘n’ sniff patches! Whether you or your friend want to …

  1. Avoid deadly animal-borne pathogens like the new coronavirus 😷
  2. Fight climate change with diet change 🌳
  3. Enjoy better health 💪
  4. Stop supporting the cruel meat, egg, and dairy industries 🐮
  5. All of the above 🙌

… PETA’s “Go Vegan” Patch Pack will deliver. Our scientists have been hard at work developing the scratch ‘n’ sniff patches, inspired by the bacon-scented patches that a University of Oxford scientist created earlier this year to help people kick their cravings for pig flesh. Just stick on one (or all) of the putrid patches and give them a scratch for a pungent reminder that meat, eggs, and dairy stink—for animals, the planet, and your health.
Where to Buy New Scratch 'n' Sniff Meat-Scented Patches

The all-new “Go Vegan” Patch Pack includes six stenches:

  1. Rotting Flesh

You can almost hear the flies buzzing when you scratch this putrid patch. The essence of a carcass decomposing in the hot sun will remind you that dead meat should be buried, not eaten, and that animals like hens—who, like human mothers, teach their young the ways of the world—don’t want to be killed for food.

  1. Soured on Cream

This udderly rotten aroma will mootivate you to dump dairy and discover the joy of soy, almond, or oat milk instead. Cows, like us, mourn the deaths of those they love. They don’t deserve to be exploited or killed for milk—they deserve to be respected and left in peace.

  1. Something Fishy

Floundering about when it comes to going vegan? One whiff of this fetid fragrance and you’ll want to drop the fish shtick and let our finned friends off the hook. Fish enjoy physical contact with other fish and often gently rub against one another—in the same way a cat weaves in and out of your legs. You wouldn’t eat your cat, and fish deserve the same consideration.

  1. Early Death

Animals aren’t the only ones who die young for meat-eaters’ killer cravings. Humans do, too—of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, animal-borne diseases, and other diet-related ailments. The smell of a freshly dug grave and embalming fluid should be enough to make anyone nix the chicken nuggets and ditch the hot dogs.

Man in hospital gown eating burger

  1. Open-Heart Surgery

Don’t go bacon your heart—or anyone else’s. Leaving meat off your plate cuts your risk of suffering from heart disease by 32%, and the acrid aroma of blood, iodine, and rubbing alcohol will inspire you to set down the steak knife and skip the scalpel.

bacon, raw, uncooked, pig stomach, gross

  1. Charred Bodies

When you barbecue cows, pigs, and chickens (who love their family members and value their own lives, just as we do), you’re torching koalas, kangaroos, jaguars, mountain lions, and other animals, too. Eating meat causes climate change, which fuels wildfires. This smoky, sobering scent will persuade you to stop grilling all animals.

Are you craving sushi (mercury poisoning and parasites wrapped in seaweed and rice)? Stick a Something Fishy patch on your arm! Do you have an acquaintance who loves to whine, “I just can’t live without bacon”? Slip an Open-Heart Surgery patch into their next birthday card. Hell, slap an Early Death patch on your cubemate who refuses to stop eating dead-animal burgers for lunch at his desk—the unsubtle hint may just save his life.

Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Your Way to Eating Vegan

These new patches take advantage of the strong connection between our sense of smell and our brain by developing negative associations in the mind with the rotten aromas of meat and dairy (along with other stenches related to eating animal-derived foods). Between the COVID-19 outbreak, the Amazon wildfires and the fires in Australia, and the cruelty associated with the meat, egg, and dairy industries (which PETA investigations continue to expose), it’s never been more crucial for the world to go vegan. And thanks to PETA’s “Go Vegan” Patch Pack as well as the countless flesh-free meat, vegan egg, and dairy-free cheese and milk products available today, it’s never been easier to go vegan, either.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your hands on PETA’s scratch ‘n sniff patches and get to breaking your bad meat habit today:

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