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Vegan Cream Cheese Brands for Bagels, Dips, Frosting, and More

Sweet cheezus! Did you ever think you’d have more options for vegan cream cheese than you know what to do with? You and your bagels are going to be very happy together.

Nevada Governor Signs Bill to Ban Cub-Petting and Elephant Rides in the State

Gov. Sisolak just signed a bill that bans public contact with big cats, elephants, primates, wolves, bears, and hyenas in the state, which will go into effect on July 1, 2021!

Vital Farms Claims Humane Treatment of Chickens—PETA Foundation Lawyers Help File Class Action Lawsuit

Vital Farms uses gimmicky words and deceptive images to mislead consumers about the way it really treats chickens. PETA is helping consumers sue over the brand’s allegedly false claims.

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ACTION NEEDED! UMass Amherst Tortures Marmosets in Pointless and Cruel Experiments

University of Massachusetts experimenters torment and kill marmosets in experiments supposedly to study menopause, which these monkeys don’t even experience.

2015, 'Modeling Parkinson’s disease in the common marmoset … overview of models, methods, and animal care' …
Tiger in Houston Found Wandering Loose—PETA Calls For Crackdown on the Big-Cat Trade

A gun was pointed at the tiger, who was viewed as a threat, even though it was a human’s fault the animal was in a residential neighborhood to begin with.

‘The Sopranos’ Star Edie Falco Calls For Primate Center to Shut Down

Edie Falco left phone messages for 18,000 UW faculty and staff to tell them about the horrific cruelty to monkeys taking place right on campus and to urge them to speak up.

PETA Is Suing: NIH and NIMH Must Stop Mutilating, Tormenting, and Scaring Animals

PETA is demanding reports on animal experiments involving food deprivation, near drowning, electric shocks, and other equally horrific activities.

PETA’s Mobile Billboard Urges ‘Moral Distancing’ From Kentucky Derby

Social distancing? How about moral distancing from the Kentucky Derby? PETA’s new billboard speaks up for horses whose lives are in danger.

PETA to Call Levi’s Bluff on Animal Welfare at Annual Meeting

Levi’s shareholders are hearing from PETA at the brand’s 2022 annual meeting. We’re urging it to use vegan leather patches on its jeans.

A Decade of PETA Pressure Pays Off: Saks Fifth Avenue Sacks Fur!

PETA kept the pressure on Saks to drop fur for over a decade, and the department store finally came to its senses and did the right thing.

Ocean Spray Separates Itself From NIH’s Use of Craisins to Carry Out Cruelty

When PETA told Ocean Spray that its Craisins were being used to coerce monkeys in cruel experiments, the company assured us that it had nothing to do with that.

This Teen Raised Thousands of Dollars to Help Homeless Animals—We’re Inspired!

Despite battling cancer, this 14-year-old has dedicated her time and energy to raising thousands of dollars for animals. She’s an inspiration for kids and adults alike.

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Young Activists Smash It in Our 21-Day ‘Resolve to Revolt’ Challenge

Our 21-day “Resolve to Revolt” challenge had students all over the U.S. joining forces for animals. See what these SOS members did to help end speciesism.

Experimenters Are Tormenting Monkeys Underground in Seattle

Irradiation, cut-open skulls, maternal deprivation, and more—WaNPRC experimenters receive hundreds of millions of tax dollars to torment monkeys, and many Seattleites have no idea.

New Vegan Products to Look For in 2021

More innovative vegan products that are supposed to launch in 2021 prove that we’ve reached the topping point—the future is vegan, and the future is now!

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