Five Ways to Veganize Your Thanksgiving
Racist N.C. Meat Industry: How Teachers Can Fight Environmental Racism

Connect the dots for your students on environmental racism and the meat industry with this guide from TeachKind.

Teach Students the Importance of ‘Veganizing’ Their Plates

Show students how easy it is to make every aspect of their meals vegan—with TeachKind.

‘Jack and the Bean Stew’: A Tale of Plants, Animals, and Adventure

Have students take a deep dive into the story of “Jack and the Bean Stew” with Lean & Green Kids and TeachKind.

31 Animal-Friendly Movies Teachers Can Stream Right Now—at Home or in the Classroom

Streaming movies is fun, but it’s even better if they inspire you—and your students—to take action for animals.

Joaquin Phoenix: The Vegan Joker in Defense of Animals (Grades 6-12)

Actor Joaquin Phoenix uses his success to raise more awareness for animals—and his story can help inspire your students to speak up, too.

Let the Revolution Begin: Student Activism May Be Key to Academic Achievement

These young people aren’t afraid to speak up when they see that something’s wrong.

Teaching With Film: ‘The Game Changers’ Discussion Questions

A former UFC fighter discovers an elite group of athletes proving that everything he’d been taught about protein was a lie.

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9 Ways for Teachers to Advocate for Animals While Staying Home

There are easy and effective ways to advocate for animals from home—with your students and in general. Integrate some of these compassionate practices into your quarantine lifestyle. Deykova
Culinary Educator Lesson: Vegan Replacements

Use these resources in your culinary class to introduce students to vegan replacements that they can use in all their cooking endeavors.

TeachKind Presents ‘Eat Green!’—a Song to Help Kids Learn About Fruits and Vegetables

Have students sing about colorful fruits and vegetables with this song written by Dr. Jean Feldman. There’s also choreography to accompany the lyrics, along with a video of the song in action.

PETA Cheers As Every New York City Public School Bans Processed Meats
Teach Students Why Balloons Are Harmful to the Environment

Inform your students, colleagues, and administration about the consequences of releasing balloons into the environment, including the harmful effects on animals.

What’s a Vegan? Activities to Answer This Question for Students of All Ages

Being vegan is simple, but the ethics behind a lifestyle that doesn’t use animals are complex. Use TeachKind resources to explain them to students in easy-to-understand terms.

DIY: Make Vegan Ice Cream with Your Students

Set aside some time to make vegan ice cream with your students in the classroom.

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