PETA Awards California Couple Who Caught a Killer on Camera

When a California man shot a trapped coyote in the face more than a dozen times, one couple caught it all on camera. Thanks to their quick action, the killer was convicted of cruelty to animals.

Hunter Kills Animals, Does ‘Sexy’ Photo Shoots With Their Corpses

Hunters like to claim that they don’t get perverse pleasure out of killing, but these photos strongly suggest otherwise.

Exposed: A Canada Goose Rep Threatened Ad Agency, Got PETA’s Ads Pulled

A Canada Goose representative told Astral Media, “CG has spent quite a bit of money with Astral over the past year or so …. Is there anything that can be done here?”

Judge Orders Deer Trophy Hunter to Watch ‘Bambi’ Repeatedly in Jail

“While there are some cases where poachers go after the antlers for profit, with this bunch it was more about the thrill of the kill itself.”

A Win for Animals! China Reinstates Ban on Rhino Horn and Tiger Bone

PETA Asia and animal advocates around the world will continue working to ensure that rhinoceroses and tigers are not killed for unproven ancient remedies.

Fin Whales to Be Hunted in Iceland Again—Help End This!

The wealthy CEO of Iceland’s last fin whale–hunting operation, Hvalur hf, is preparing to start hunting the endangered animals once again.

Court Allows Bowhunting, Deer Continue to Suffer

Despite a lawsuit filed by a PETA member, deer in Montgomery County are slated to be cruelly killed.

Video: Despite Arrow Lodged in Face, Mother Deer Cares for Her Fawn

A mother’s love knows no limits.

Foie Gras Is a Bad Habit: Uri Geller Thinks Hypnosis Can Help

Can our friend, the magician, psychic, and mentalist Uri Geller convince Fortnum & Mason CEO to stop selling foie gras?

Victory! House of Lords Rejects ‘Torture in a Tin’

It’s a happy new year for ducks and geese after Great Britain’s House of Lords pulled foie gras from its restaurant menus. PETA U.K. had appealed to the lords, pointing out that it was entirely inappropriate to be serving a dish that is so cruel that it is illegal to produce in the U.K. Baroness … Read more »

Why Down Is off My Christmas List

The following was excerpted from an article that originally appeared on McClatchy. As my mom and I were walking through a department store recently, she spied a colorful plaid quilted vest. “Ooh, that’s pretty,” she said and reached for the price tag. Meanwhile, I was looking at the contents label. “Uh-oh, it contains down,” I told her. “Oh, … Read more »

PETA Files Suit Against Sneaky Foie Gras Sale

A little-known restaurant in Hermosa Beach, California, must have thought it was being sly. The restaurant was selling a hamburger topped with foie gras when California’s ban on the sale of the cruelly produced, diseased duck liver went into effect on July 1. After the ban was in place, the restaurant continued to serve the foie … Read more »

Foie Gras Doesn’t Fly on American

It was a cruel irony. Birds raised for foie gras become so ill that they can barely walk, much less fly. Yet fly they did on certain American Airlines international flights during which foie gras was served in first class. After PETA was alerted to this by upset passengers, we contacted airline officials and informed them about … Read more »

It Takes a Small Heart to Eat a Fat Liver

It’s barely been a week since California’s foie gras ban took effect, and already a few greedy restauranteurs have their magnifying glasses out, searching for loopholes that might allow them to serve the delicacy of despair. But compassionate people aren’t letting the cruel gluttons get away with it. © One San Francisco restaurant, Presidio … Read more »

Why Real Compassion Means Taking Action

When someone in New Jersey noticed that kids were pestering a goose who was sitting in the grass outside the woman’s apartment—and that the goose didn’t fly away or fight back—it became clear that the bird was injured. Her wing was drooping badly, and she was weak and lethargic. With a friend’s assistance, the goose … Read more »

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