These Queens Know That Animal Abuse Is a Total ‘Drag’

These drag queens have spoken up in favor of animal rights or going vegan. If you’re excited about the new season of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ check this out!

Kentucky Fried Chicken Sells Death by the Bucket—Here’s What You Can Do

We’ve beaten KFC before, and we can do it again. Help PETA save chickens around the world.

New PETA Ad Blitz Targets Bus Stops Outside Popular Fast-Food Joints

A dozen PETA bus shelter ads have popped up near fast-food restaurants to remind hungry travelers that animals are individuals.

In One Bloody Bite, Woman’s Perception of KFC Comes Crashing Down

Here’s a reminder that chicken meat was once a living, breathing, bleeding being.

How to Lose a Girl in One Day: Buy Her a KFC Corsage

PETA has produced shocking artwork showing promgoers the rest of KFC’s disgusting chicken corsage.

PETA Crashes KFC’s Investor Pep Rally

PETA made sure that attendees at this week’s annual meeting of KFC’s parent company, Yum! Brands, in Louisville, Kentucky, would have something to chew on besides their cruelly obtained drumsticks and wings. Taking Stock—of KFC Cruelty As shareholders of Yum! Brands stock, PETA can attend the company’s annual meeting and ask a question during the … Read more »

Run Away, Train—From KFC Cruelty

Courtesy of USDA Hey, Soul Sister! PETA has sent an urgent letter to the rock band Train urging the group to cancel their performance at KFC’s franchisee convention in San Antonio—or else face the music from PETA supporters—because of KFC’s refusal to stop its suppliers’ cruelty to chickens. Many of the top names in music … Read more »

Photo: You May Have Eaten This

The picture has been circulating around the Internet for a while, but it’s still creating buzz because it shows something we rarely see.

Al Sharpton Does a Bill Clinton

What do Bill Clinton, former President George W. Bush speechwriter Matthew Scully, and the Rev. Al Sharpton have in common? They’re all political animals who don’t eat meat. Sharpton first got an idea of what happens to animals on factory farms when he appeared in PETA’s video exposing cruelty in slaughterhouses that supply KFC and … Read more »

McDonald’s Spent $1.1 Million on Lobbying

How do you convince lawmakers to turn a blind eye to the devastating effect that fast food has on our health? If you’re McDonald’s, you spend more than $1.1 million (in 2011 alone) lobbying political representatives. YUM! Brands, the owner of KFC, wasn’t far behind, at $845,000. The Center for Responsive Politics reports that the food … Read more »

McDonald’s Sneaky Little PR Move

McDonald’s has kicked its PR machine into high gear after a terrific undercover investigation by Mercy for Animals at Sparboe Farms, one of McDonald’s primary egg suppliers, revealed that workers grabbed hens by the throat and slammed them into cages, that an employee swung a hen by her feet, that male chicks were tossed into … Read more »

Six Scary DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Tired of going through racks of Halloween costumes and seeing the same old hockey masks and sexy nurse uniforms? Here are six scary DIY costumes guaranteed to make the most fearless revelers do a double-take—and then think twice about eating meat, wearing fur, or going to the circus. Steal an idea from PETA Vice President … Read more »

The Cure for Breast Cancer—Don’t Think Pink

© Robyn Mackenzie/ “If shopping could cure breast cancer, it would be cured by now,” says Think Before You Pink, an organization dedicated to ending “pinkwashing”—slapping pink ribbons on products in order to convince consumers that they can end breast cancer by buying pink products. In truth, reports Forbes, corporations seek to profit off … Read more »

KFC Makes for Really ‘Angry Birds’

Last weekend, a flock of really “angry birds” showed that green pigs aren’t the enemy—the Colonel is. The birds landed at a San Jose, California, KFC to make the point that the fast-food chain’s suppliers use a cruel method of slaughter in which chickens have their throats cut while they’re still conscious and millions of … Read more »

Man Uses His Own Death to Save Animals

Aaron Jamison, the terminally ill Oregon man who approached his cancer with a wry sense of acceptance, has died. He left the world with grace, humor, and purpose. © Dan Tobin When PETA learned last year that Aaron wanted to sell advertisements on his urns in order to reduce the financial burden on his … Read more »

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