5 of the Top Animal Exploiters PETA Has Shut Down

Why isn’t PETA shut down? We wish we were—as it would mean that we had met our goal and that animals are no longer being exploited for human desires.

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Ringling’s Animal-Free Comeback Sends a Powerful Industry Message: Cruelty Has No Place in Circuses

Forced out of the animal exploitation business, Ringling Bros. had two choices: reinvent itself or fold. And with one notable change, the company may just come out on (the big) top.

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Ringling Bros. Exits Elephant Game, Hands Over So-Called ‘Conservation Center’

Victory! The notorious Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation is no more, and most of the elephants held there will be sent to an accredited facility where they can recover.

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Victory! PETA-Cosponsored California Circus Cruelty Prevention Act Passes

We’re toasting Sen. Ben Hueso and Gov. Gavin Newsom for preventing countless lions, tigers, camels, and other animals from being abused.

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What Barnum’s Animals Crackers’ New Box Tells Us About Animal Liberation

Big victories can come in small packages. Nabisco’s change is in line with the public view that animals don’t belong in circuses.

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In 1865, Two Whales Boiled to Death in Tiny Tanks as a Museum Burned Down

P.T. Barnum was exploiting animals long before his traveling circus was formed. This crazy #throwback post will leave you shocked.

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7 Huge Animal Victories That PETA Has Claimed Since Ringling’s Last Show

If you thought we hung up our hats post-Ringling, you’re mistaken. Since its last show, we’ve put even more pressure on other circuses that still use animals.

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Three Years Ago Today, Ringling Announced It Would End Elephant Acts

Since then, PETA hasn’t slowed down. We’ve pushed for similar progress in other circuses and advocated for bans in states and countries—and we’re winning.

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The Worst Circuses That Force Animals to Perform for Profit

It may be over for Ringling Bros. circus, but animals are still being used in circuses around the country—and they need your help.

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‘The Greatest Showman’: Cruel, Racist History Goes Unmentioned in Flick

If a story glorifying a man responsible for over a century’s worth of tortured and deprived animals weren’t distasteful enough, the film leaves out glaring character flaws.

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Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

Graphic Photos Show Tiger From Ringling Bros. Shot Dead

The feds must begin enforcing the law as intended, not bending over backwards to facilitate animal exploitation.

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Animal-Abusing Circuses, Count Your Days—Another City Passes Ban

When a ban on wild-animal acts came to a vote in Portland, Maine, every single city council member did right by animals.

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After Fatal Georgia Tiger Shooting, 14 More Big Cats Turn Up

Feld Entertainment should never have been given a permit to export these big cats. One has already died after escaping and being shot.

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The Proof Is in the Numbers: Animal Circuses Are on the Way Out

Circuses that exploit animals are well on their way to the dustbin of history.

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Another Baby Elephant Dies at Ringling’s ‘Retirement’ Center

Deaths, disease, shackling, and abusive training methods—that’s what you’ll find inside Ringling’s shady Center for Elephant Conservation.

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PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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