More Victories! These 4 Companies Just Ended Animal Tests

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Mice and rats can give a happy squeak. Four major food and beverage companies with annual sales of more than $27 billion have agreed to end their cruel and pointless experiments on animals within a few days of each other after conversations with PETA.

Tokyo-based Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd., was the first; it’s the corporate owner of Maruchan, the largest North American producer of instant ramen noodles. International food processing company Satake Corporation followed soon after. Then, leading beverage company Suntory Holdings, Ltd., whose brands include Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Cruzan Rum, Hornitos Tequila, and EFFEN and Pinnacle vodkas, jumped onboard. Rounding out the list is Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd., which owns Top Ramen, the largest instant ramen brand with vegetarian flavors in national distribution in the U.S. Together, these companies have spared countless mice and rats from painful experiments.

In tests previously conducted or funded by these companies, mice and rats were restrained in tubes, force-fed, starved, injected with drugs that cause liver toxicity, injected with chemicals that weakened their immune systems, hung by the tail, made to stand on hot plates, forced to run on treadmills until they were exhausted, electrocuted, sustained broken necks, and were killed and then dissected.

“These major companies did the right thing in ditching cruel and wasteful animal experiments,” says PETA Vice President Shalin Gala. “PETA is calling on other industry leaders to follow their lead and switch to using modern, non-animal research methods that give human-relevant results and don’t cause animals to suffer.”

Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.; Satake Corporation; Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.; and Suntory Holdings, Ltd., join a long list of companies—including Barilla, The Coca-Cola Company, General Mills, House Foods, ITO EN, Kikkoman, Lipton, Ocean Spray, PepsiCo, POM Wonderful LLC, Riken Vitamin, T. Hasegawa Co., Welch’s, and Yakult Honsha—that have ended animal tests after talks with PETA.

Score more victories for animals by helping us stop an experimenter at the University of Delaware from drugging, drowning, and shocking rats.

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