Dairy Months?! No Whey! PETA Takes Pride in Posting Ads to Help Cows in June and July

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Some interest groups tout June as National Dairy Month and July as National Ice Cream Month, but this year, a giant PETA billboard advocating for cows could help change that. The sky-high appeal for animals features an image of a cow mired in manure with a swollen udder and sits atop Waldo Pizza in Kansas City, Missouri—where it may inspire some diners to opt for a vegan slice.

PETA has also placed the ad in Charleston, West Virginia, to run for a month. It’s located across from United Dairy and just a stone’s throw from a local Kroger grocery store that offers plenty of vegan milks. We’re urging the public to stop supporting United Dairy—and the entire dairy industry—by opting to buy plant-based products instead and encouraging others to do the same.

To make a further statement during National Ice Cream Month, PETA has placed the ad in Columbus, Ohio, to run until July 17. The billboard is located at 3774 W. Broad St.—0.1 miles from Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins, 0.2 miles from White Castle, 0.3 miles from Chuck E. Cheese, 0.5 miles from Kroger, and 2.4 miles from Dairy Queen. Most of these locations offer plenty of nondairy options.

BB showing a photo of a cow with the caption "Cows Suffer - Their Calves are stolen from them, then they're killed for meat"

How PETA’s Ad Exposes Both Dairy-Themed Months as Shams

PETA’s ad, placed in all three cities, has a clear anti-dairy message:

Cows suffer. Their calves are stolen from them, then they’re killed for meat. Ditch dairy. Go vegan.

Urging everyone to ditch dairy and spare cows a life of suffering, PETA offers free recipes, articles, and resources to show how easy it is to prepare vegan food at home or to find it in restaurants in the City of Fountains and many other places around the country.

PETA ad above Waldo Pizza in Kansas City, Missouri, that reads "Cows suffer. Their calves are stolen from them, then they’re killed for meat. Ditch dairy. Go vegan."

Waldo Pizza—located at 7433 Broadway St. in Kansas City—has a vegan menu with plenty of animal-friendly “meat” and “cheese” options. PETA chose to place its ad above the restaurant to show everyone how easy it is to choose foods that are made from plants instead of the flesh or secretions of another species.

PETA’s new ad comes after the University of Copenhagen released a study detailing the dire conditions faced by cows in the dairy industry:

[T]he welfare is worse with cattle in the most common dairy production systems in opposition to cattle in the most common beef production systems.

The other billboards—near United Dairy in Charleston and close to a Baskin-Robbins and a Dairy Queen store in Columbus—also show how cows suffer when abused for their milk. PETA hopes these ads will inspire observers in West Virginia and Ohio to make kind vegan choices.

PETA's 'Cows suffer' ad for Dairy Month, posted on a billboard by United Dairy in Charleston, West Virginia, with one observer standing between parked cars, reading and pointing up at the ad

PETA's billboard that says "Cows Suffer" for dairy, posted in Columbus, Ohio, during National Ice Cream Month

Why Ditching Bovine Milk for Dairy Month, Ice Cream Month, and Beyond Is Crucial

If speciesist humans were to choose to end their addiction to bovine mammary secretions, it would help do the following:

  • Spare countless exploited cows and their calves
  • Improve everyone’s health
  • Give the environment a better chance amid the climate catastrophe

calf drinking from mother in green field

Why Cows Deserve Respect

Cows are intelligent, gentle animals who mourn the deaths of those they love and sometimes shed tears over their loss. The mother-calf bond is particularly strong. There are countless reports of mother cows who, once separated from their calves (who are sold to veal or beef farms), continue to call and search frantically for them.

In the dairy industry, workers confine cows amid filth, tear calves away from their mothers within a day of birth, and steal the milk meant to nourish them so companies lacking compassion can sell it to humans. It’s standard industry practice to forcibly and artificially inseminate cows—workers insert an arm into the animals’ rectum and a metal rod to deliver semen into their vagina—and to send them to an agonizing death in a slaughterhouse once their bodies wear out.

Cows on transport truck to slaughter

PETA’s investigations into dairy facilities have found workers electroshocking cows in the face, hitting them with poles and a cane, and abusing them in other horrific ways.

How Drinking Cow’s Milk Harms Human Health and the Planet

Humans are the only animals who drink milk beyond the age of weaning and who knowingly consume the milk of another species. Consuming bovine mammary secretions can cause a host of health problems, including broken bones, prostate and ovarian cancer, lactose intolerance, and allergies.

PETA ad with cows mired in manure that reads "Do you know where your milk comes from? Think before you drink. Dump dairy."

Fortunately, the consumption of dairy milk has been declining for years as conscientious consumers turn to healthier and tastier vegan milks. Half of Americans now consume plant-based milks, and one-third of Americans drink them weekly. An estimated 65% of the world’s human population is lactose intolerant.

Earth Month 2022 feature image

According to the United Nations, about a third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are linked to food production. The largest percentage of these gases comes from the dairy, meat, and egg industries. The horrific rate at which humans use cows for their mammary secretions—and their flesh for food and leather—is destroying the environment.

The most compassionate, effective, and immediate way to take action against the climate catastrophe is to go vegan. The increased demand for vegan milk from those concerned about the abuse of animals, their own health, and the environment makes this kind choice that much easier.

PETA demo with protesters wearing cow masks and dressed like Handmaid's Tale characters in white bonnets and red capes

How You Can Help Cows During National Dairy Month, National Ice Cream Month, and All Year Long

No animals should suffer so that speciesist humans can steal their babies and their milk. Do your part to leave cows in peace by ditching dairy and opting for delicious vegan milks, ice creams, cheeses, and yogurts. Start by ordering free vegan starter kits for yourself and some friends:

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