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Chasing Wienermobiles: PETA’s Role in Creating Oscar Mayer’s Vegan Hot Dog

Wait—Oscar Mayer announced vegan options?! Find out PETA’s role in the good news as we relish applauding the company for this compassionate move.

© Kraft Heinz
VIDEO: How PETA Found a Home for a Hound Exploited by a Blood Bank

The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank is under fire following a damning PETA undercover investigation. Discover Kolbie the dog’s rescue story.

Why Editing Chickens’ Genes Is a Cockamamie Idea

Wait just a wing flap—scientists think messing with chicken genetics will hinder disease?! PETA’s got five reasons why that’s a no.

Empathy Over Experimentation: The Case Against the Term ‘Lab Rat’

The term “lab rat” only perpetuates speciesism and condones cruel experiments on animals. Let PETA increase your compassion for rats.

© iStock.com/vadimrysev
After 2 Kodiak Bears Escaped From a Florida Facility, PETA Penned a Letter

Allegedly unlawful activity led to the escape of two Kodiak bears from a Florida property. Find out how PETA’s urging authorities to take additional action.

To Label or to Liberate: Why Animals Aren’t Numbers

You’re not a number—you’re someone. The same goes for every other animal. PETA adds up key reasons to stop labeling living, feeling beings.

How Has Cruelty to Animals Funded the World’s Wealthiest Person? PETA Spills the Dirt

Did you know that the world’s wealthiest person built his fortune on animal suffering? PETA reveals how Louis Vuitton’s CEO got filthy rich selling exotic skins and fur.

Swap the Groundhog for Our Flippin’ Gift, Says PETA to Punxsutawney

Check out PETA’s massive plan to swap out Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog. Learn how you can help chuck this cruel and tired tradition.

Cruelly Obtained Coconut Milk at Canadian Whole Foods Stores? PETA Speaks Up

There’s nothing wholesome about Whole Foods’ support of forced monkey labor. Find out how PETA called out a Vancouver store.

How Parakeets Are Crushed to Death at Roadside Zoos

Parakeet aviaries at roadside zoos and fairs can be deadly for birds. Learn more about these dangerous displays and discover ways you can help budgies.

PETA Supporters’ Top 10 Victories of 2023: How Action Alerts Help Animals

Curious about getting more involved with helping animals? PETA shows you how—and celebrates our supporters’ top 10 2023 action alert victories.

© iStock.com/niromaks
No Luxury in Leather: Five Brands Still Killing Animals for Their Skin

Why are high-end brands still selling “luxury leather” when animal-free and eco-friendly options are readily available? PETA reveals the rip-off.

PHOTOS: ‘Doughnuts’ on Stilts Have an Urgent Message Amid COP28 Climate Conference

World leaders got hit with wake-up calls from animal advocates at COP28. Find out why the climate conference must go vegan.

Uncovering Cruel Conditions for Hoofed Animals at Roadside Zoos

Hoofed animals endure multiple welfare issues at roadside zoos. PETA nails down each egregious problem and prompts you to help these animals.

PETA Donates Lifesaving Human Simulators to National Albanian Trauma Program

An Albanian surgical program has accepted TraumaMan human simulators from PETA, agreeing to spare sheep deadly tests. Learn the lifesaving details here.

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