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PETA U.K. ‘Cow’ and ‘Butcher’ Pop Up at COP28—Plus Stella McCartney’s New Collab

World leaders got hit with wake-up calls from animal advocates at COP28. Find out why the climate conference must go vegan.

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Uncovering Cruel Conditions for Hoofed Animals at Roadside Zoos

Hoofed animals endure multiple welfare issues at roadside zoos. PETA nails down each egregious problem and prompts you to help these animals.

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PETA Donates Lifesaving Human Simulators to National Albanian Trauma Program

An Albanian surgical program has accepted TraumaMan human simulators from PETA, agreeing to spare sheep deadly tests. Learn the lifesaving details here.

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Cruelty Isn’t Cozy: The Horror Story of H&M’s Cashmere Sweaters

H&M continues to sell cashmere sweaters despite the horror story behind their production. PETA’s new ad exposes the sinister cruelty.

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Keeping War-Weary Ukrainians Warm During Winter: PETA Donates Fur Coats

Winter in conflict-ridden Ukraine is awful for many humans and animals. Learn how PETA donated nearly 1,000 fur coats and accessories there for humans in need.

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Lolita’s Necropsy Report Released—Now Corky Must Be Released Into a Seaside Sanctuary

Lolita the orca’s necropsy report has been released, revealing multiple chronic conditions that led to her death. Learn why PETA’s making waves about it.

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Awarding ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ for Ushering In the Truth on Animal Testing

AWARD! “The Fall of the House of Usher” on Netflix impressed PETA with how it handled animal testing. Find out the chilling reasons why.

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‘Vegan’ or ‘Plant-Based’? A Kind Way of Life Versus a Misleading Label

Why favor the term “vegan” over “plant-based”? PETA leaves through the differences between them to help you show compassion for our fellow animals.

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VICTORY! The North Face and Related Brands Confirm: No More New Cashmere

After hearing from PETA, The North Face, Supreme, and other brands confirmed no more cashmere. Read why kindness to goats is always in fashion.

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Sink Any Appetite for Fish Through Empathy—Replace Statues of Humans Fishing

SHELLebrate fish and other sea life by cultivating empathy and never eating them. Also, find out PETA’s FINtastic idea to replace a California Fisherman statue.

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Taking Down Animal Abusers From the Inside: Hear How PETA Goes Undercover

It can be heartbreaking and dangerous, but it saves thousands of lives. Hear PETA Vice President Daniel Paden explain the work of our undercover investigation team.

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PHOTOS: PETA Latino Throws a Fun Fiesta for Its Tenth Anniversary

Which anniversary milestone did PETA Latino celebrate by throwing a thrilling fiesta? Find out here—and get details about the star-studded evening.

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SeaQuest Trumbull Is Closing: Sinking the Shipwreck of a Facility

Seedy mall aquariums exist only to exploit animals for money. Find out how PETA helped get SeaQuest Trumbull to close down.

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World’s Largest Climate Conference Goes ‘Mostly Vegan’—but Could Go All the Way

Although the COP28 climate summit is taking a good step by going “mostly vegan,” find out how PETA is pressing world leaders to “go all the way.”

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What Everyone’s Missing About Angela—the Standing Sun Bear at a Zoo in China

Heard about the viral video of a sun bear standing and “waving” in a Chinese zoo? Instead of focusing on whether she’s “fake,” PETA points to the real problem.

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