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Animals in Medical Experiments

Since PETA’s inception and the landmark Silver Spring monkeys case, we have been fighting to expose and end the abuse of animals in barbaric medical experiments at universities, hospitals, contract laboratoriespharmaceutical companies, and government agencies. These facilities imprison millions of animals and squander billions in taxpayer dollars and charitable donations each year to conduct cruel experiments that cause immense pain and misery and are irrelevant to human health

At more than 1,000 laboratories across the country, monkeys are addicted to drugs, cats are deafened and have holes drilled into their skulls, sheep and pigs have their skin burned off, and rats have their spinal cords crushed. Tiny mice are made to grow tumors nearly as large as their entire bodies, kittens are purposely blinded, and rats are made to suffer seizures. Dogs are intentionally poisoned with experimental drugs, chimpanzees are infected with debilitating diseases, and rabbits have grotesque devices implanted into their bodies. There’s likely a hellish laboratory like these right in your city

There are many ways in which you can help stop universities and companies from tormenting animals in experiments. Join PETA’s Action Team, and we’ll let you know whenever animals in laboratories need your help. Tell your alma mater or health charities that you won’t support them until they stop testing on animals. If you own stock in a company that tests on animals, you can make your voice heard as a shareholder. And because the government funds more experiments on animals than any other institution, urge your members of Congress to earmark research funds for progressive and relevant non-animal studies instead of useless experiments that harm and kill animals.