Taiwan FDA Ends Iron Tests on Animals After Hearing From PETA

The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) finalized a regulation that removes animal testing as an option for companies wanting to make human iron health claims for marketing their food and beverage products. The testing included feeding baby rats an iron-deficient diet to induce anemia and then feeding them a test food, after which their … Read more »

Army Ends Brain Damage Test on Ferrets at Wayne State After PETA Outcry

After hearing from PETA, a U.S. Army–funded brain damage experiment on ferrets ended more than six months ahead of schedule at Michigan’s Wayne State University. Ferrets will no longer be purposely bombarded with radio waves, killed, and dissected in this gruesome experiment, which ridiculously purported to model Havana syndrome in humans. PETA is urging the … Read more »

PETA’s Donation of TraumaMan Simulators to Support National Program in Albania Spares Sheep

As many as 18 sheep each year in Albania will no longer be cut apart and killed in medical training courses, thanks to PETA’s donation of two state-of-the-art TraumaMan surgical simulators to that country’s Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) national program. This brings the total number of countries that have ended the crude use of … Read more »

PETA Science Consortium International Donates Equipment to Support Animal-Free Testing

PETA Science Consortium International e.V. donated equipment, worth $120,000 in total, to two organizations that develop or conduct exclusively non-animal tests. One piece of equipment is used to assess the potential of chemicals to cause skin allergies or changes to DNA, while the other is used to assess the likelihood that inhaled chemicals will cause … Read more »

UT Southwestern Ends Use of Live Animals in OB/GYN Training

In a win for pigs, physicians, and patients, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center confirmed it would no longer use live animals for invasive medical procedures in its obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) physician residency training program, following pressure from PETA. Previously, its OB/GYN program had subjected at least 13 live pigs to laparoscopic hysterectomies, … Read more »

PETA Scientists Present at Premier Conference on Non-Animal Testing

PETA scientists chaired sessions and delivered oral and poster presentations at the 12th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences in Niagara Falls, Ontario. At this premier conference, they highlighted how to replace the use of fish in ecotoxicity testing, rats in inhalation toxicity testing, and rabbits in eye irritation testing.

Colombian University Becomes First in Latin America to Ban Near-Drowning Test on Animals

After PETA shared with Universidad del Valle (Univalle) overwhelming evidence of the scientific invalidity and cruelty of the forced swim test—in which rats, mice, or other small animals are dropped into inescapable beakers filled with water and forced to swim for their lives—this top public university decided to ban the experiment. Univalle, the most important … Read more »

Paper Coauthored by PETA Scientists Highlights the Use of Human Cell–Based Approaches for Inhalation Testing

A new paper coauthored by PETA scientists demonstrates how non-animal, cell-based methods can be used to predict the health effects of inhaled chemicals, rather than using tests in which rats are confined to small tubes and forced to inhale toxic chemicals. Funded by PETA Science Consortium International e.V., the study received great interest from the … Read more »

Ford Motor Company Slams the Brakes on Animal Testing

After relentless pressure from PETA, actor Lily Tomlin, and more than 125,000 dedicated supporters, we received confirmation that Ford Motor Company would definitively slam the brakes on its animal testing. Despite its assurance in 2009 that it didn’t conduct or fund such tests, we uncovered its financial involvement in a gruesome experiment in which 27 … Read more »

NIH Cancels Funding Eligibility for Colombian Animal Tormentor Duo

PETA has received news that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has finally acted and officially shut off the spigot of money flowing to the Colombian organizations at the center of an 18-month PETA investigation. On June 29, according to NIH correspondence PETA has received, the agency rescinded the eligibility of the Caucaseco Scientific Research Center … Read more »

OHSU Ordered to Pay PETA $400K+ After Hiding Videos of Experiments on Voles

In a resounding victory for transparency and accountability, a court ordered Oregon Health & Science University to pay PETA more than $400,000, after the university went to extreme and illegal lengths to keep hidden videos of cruel experiments on voles, during which the animals were given the equivalent of 15 bottles of wine a day … Read more »

PETA Science Consortium International Sends Award Winners to Training Courses in Europe

Four scientists received awards from PETA Science Consortium International e.V. to travel to training courses and workshops in Italy and Germany. The scientists attended lectures and received hands-on training in the latest non-animal test methods, showing them how to avoid the use of rats, rabbits, and other animals in their research.

PETA Science Consortium International Presents at meeting organized by French Think Tank

PETA Science Consortium International e.V. presented the keynote lecture at the ADE Biotech conference in Paris, France. With approximately 150 attendees, the conference provided a forum for collaborative discussions with leaders in the toxicology field.

General Motors Upgrades Its Animal Testing Policy to PETA’s Gold Standard

Following discussions with PETA, General Motors (GM) announced its upgraded formal policy that now prohibits the automaker from conducting or paying for any animal testing: “GM does not conduct or commission the use of animals in tests for research purposes or in the development of our vehicles, either directly or indirectly and GM does not … Read more »

PETA Science Consortium International Presents at Global Inhalation Toxicology Conference

PETA Science Consortium International e.V. presented on human cell-based approaches for testing the effects of inhaled chemicals at the Association of Inhalation Toxicologists conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event attracts the world’s leading experts in inhalation toxicology from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. While the conference used to primarily focus on animal testing, many … Read more »

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