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A Tale of Two PETA Dogs

When people talk about PETA’s euthanasia statistics, those aren’t just abstract figures to me—my dog was one of those animals. Kodah, aka “Bug,” was technically “taken into custody and …

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Why We Euthanize

Euthanasia is not a solution to overpopulation but rather a tragic necessity given the present crisis.

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The Great Outdoors? Not for Cats!

Feral and free-roaming cats are tortured and killed in horrific ways, including by being mutilated, shot, and poisoned.

Man and Horse Love Each Other Right to the End

For 34 years, Sally and her guardian were together nearly every day. The loving man doted on his horse, keeping her well cared for and giving her the run …

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Why ‘Responsible Breeder’ Is an Oxymoron

Floyd was purchased from a California breeder, and like so many of the purebreds sold as mere “inventory” by puppy mills and other animal peddlers, the bulldog puppy’s health suffered because …

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Kitten Gets No Help From ‘No-Kill’ Shelters

 When a Houston woman found a skinny kitten covered with fleas, she began calling “no-kill” shelters looking for somewhere to take the animal, not knowing that these types of …

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Injured Kitten Picked the Right Yard

A New York state man was shocked to see a tiny kitten drag himself into his yard by his two front paws. The lower half of the kitten’s body …

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A Young Cat Is Fading Fast. What to Do?

PETA’s Emergency Response Team received an e-mail from a woman wondering what to do for her ailing cat, who had been diagnosed with feline leukemia (FeLV) and was losing …

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Woman Rescues Suffering Opossum

A PETA staffer walking to the Los Angeles office one morning spotted an opossum sitting in the middle of the road, bleeding from her mouth. Several men were jabbing …

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A Long Happy Life and a Peaceful Release

Max the cat and his guardian had spent 20 happy years together. Of course, the time finally came when, because of Max’s advanced age, his health deteriorated. This always-friendly …

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Starving Cat Saved From Filthy Dumpster

A longtime PETA supporter in New York is dedicated to rescuing cats from the cruel streets. She has adopted several cats into her loving home and arranged for dying …

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‘No-Kill’ Label Slowly Killing Animals

When “no-kill” animal shelters and rescue groups are filled to capacity, which is almost always, they are left with two options: turn away more animals than they take in …