Broken Bones, New Families—Animals Who Need Help Count on PETA Fieldworkers

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Stories about the pandemic and international demonstrations against racism have taken the world by storm. But no matter what’s going down, countless suffering animals need our help right now.

Our field team members—who are still on the job, actively helping animals seven days a week—delivered doghouses, helped injured wildlife, gave several animals a peaceful release from their suffering, and did so much more.

Every one of these lives has value. Just like us, animals want to live free from agony, loneliness, and neglect. They want safety and the comfort of family. It’s often the case that the only food, clean water, or loving touch some ever receive is provided by PETA.

Here are some real stories from our field team about their work for animals last month:

Sturdy, custom-built PETA doghouses were given to many.

Zeus, China, Sling, and Champ received much-needed doghouses to replace their flimsy, inadequate shelters that left them completely exposed to the elements.

Zeus After
China before and after

Others received round-trip transport to and from their spay/neuter appointments on our mobile clinics, all free of charge.

These are just a few of the 75 animals who benefitted from this service in May:

King, Bullet, and Lady Spay/neuter
King, Bullet, and Lady
Brownie and family
Benji and Simba
kissy Pup
Our clinics also treated Peanut for an infected abscess.
Snow White pups
And we treated Snow White for an irritating skin infection.

PETA fieldworkers found numerous animals in the streets who needed immediate help.

We grabbed a terrified kitten out of a tree and trapped feral cats, some suffering from serious infections and injuries. Other rescues, like of the goose we found with a broken wing, took patience, persistence, and coordinated teamwork.

Tree Kitten

Danville Transport

feral cats

goose rescue, community animal project

Oreo Community Animal Project

Our fieldworker discovered Oreo in terrible shape, with what looked like a bad leg injury, crying and unable to walk without falling over. Thankfully, we identified Oreo’s owner, and the suffering cat was signed over to PETA. Elastic ponytail holders were wrapped around a back and a front leg. Part of the back leg was missing, with bone and tissue exposed and a severe maggot infestation, and the front paw was necrotic and swollen.

PETA reps returned to investigate the following day and discovered that the responsible party was a developmentally disabled 10-year-old child who admitted to banding the cat’s legs. PETA is now working with the child’s mother and local authorities to get him the help that he needs and ensure that the family doesn’t acquire any more animals.

Some of our animal friends have already found new homes and families!

Lilith found a new home with none other than PETA’s own veterinarian-in-charge.
We quickly found a home for this unwanted dog whose previous owners simply “outgrew her.” She is now living her best life with a wonderful family in Virginia Beach.
Stix Kitten Community Animal Project
A good Samaritan found this injured kitten and rushed her to PETA. She had a deep laceration on a rear leg. PETA paid to have her looked at and boarded overnight at an after-hours emergency veterinary clinic. We were relieved to learn that she had no broken bones! She may be small, but her personality is mighty. This playful girl has found a new family and is on the road to recovery.

We rescued numerous animals from living nightmares. They’re now waiting for loving homes.

Lilac, Lavender, and all the other animals we helped last month deserve to live in good, safe homes with caring guardians. Instead, they were neglected, chained up, penned, starved, and forced to live in filth without any affection or compassion. Thankfully, these animals are awaiting adoption for a chance at the happy lives they should have:

rescued dogs
Lilac and Lavender
Lewiston puppies
These puppies lost their mother after she was hit by a car. The owner of the dogs also died this week, and his caretaker contacted PETA to pick up the puppies.
king, Community Animal Project
Miller Community Animal Project
Toby Rescued

PETA helped end the constant pain and agony of animals who were barely holding on. For suffering animals, euthanasia is a necessary kindness.

Note from Foxey
Note from Foxey’s guardian.
We found Jake alone, living in agony on a chain. He suffered from advanced heartworm disease and was unable even to stand on his own. We rushed him to a nearby veterinarian, where he was mercifully euthanized.
Tyson Community Animal Project
It’s unknown how many years this elderly hound spent locked alone inside a pen. After going missing, Tyson was found in a ditch lifeless and barely breathing. We picked him up for emergency end-of-life help.
Crushed turtle
Fieldworkers spotted this turtle with a crushed shell and exposed organs. He’s one of dozens of turtles we helped cross the road or rushed to help if we encountered them too late.


You, Too, Can Make a Difference for Animals

When you see animal abuse, please, always try to stop it or at least report it. Remember: Adopt, don’t shop—and have your animal companions spayed or neutered. You could also volunteer at your local animal shelter or rescue center and ask local government officials how you can help get laws passed that would require animal care standards and ban tethering, breeding, and the selling of animals in pet shops.

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