Matted Poodles, an Emaciated Horse, and Other Animals PETA Helped Last Month

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An emaciated horse and a dog tethered to a shoddy bookcase for shelter—these are only a couple of the hundreds of animals PETA and our fieldworkers helped in October alone.

Check them out along with just a few others here:


Tick was accidentally injured by a lawnmower and sustained two broken toes as a result. PETA treated him for his injury and neutered him on our mobile clinic.

PETA Saves Animals


Fieldworkers renovated Tyson’s doghouse, which had been previously provided to him by PETA, giving it a much-needed new roof.

PETA Dog Hosues


Oats received a PETA doghouse to replace her flimsy plastic one, which had kept splitting into two pieces, affording her zero protection from the elements.

Dog Houses


This elderly Pomeranian mix was brought to PETA for end-of-life help after she developed a tumor half the size of her body and her quality of life had drastically diminished.

Aiding Animals


There’s no such thing as an “outside dog.” PETA came to the rescue of this suffering animal, who’d been kept chained outdoors 24/7. Mac was transferred to our friends and partners at the Virginia Beach SPCA for a chance at adoption into a loving home.

Chained Dog


Fieldworkers rescued Gemma in September after we found her confined to a filthy crate in an equally grimy abandoned trailer, suffering from an eye injury so severe that her eye had come out of its socket. Her terrible injury had been left untreated, and she was in a lot of pain. After we got her the medical help that she desperately needed at the Virginia Beach SPCA, she was put up for adoption and found a fantastic new home, where she’s quickly settling in. She loves her new digs!

Dog Abuse


This male cat’s guardian lives at a senior center and contacted PETA to get him sterilized. We gave Vampurr (cool name, right?) a free ride to and from his neuter appointment, which was also free.

PETA Helps Animals


The single most important thing that we can do to spare cats and dogs all the suffering and death that overpopulation and homelessness cause is to spay and neuter them. That’s why in many cases—like that of Princess—fieldworkers transport animals to and from sterilization appointments, totally free of charge, for people who have no means of doing so themselves.

Spay Neuter


We replaced Clarence’s “shelter” (a wooden bookcase that offered no protection whatsoever) with a sturdy custom-built PETA doghouse, just in time for the cold weather.

PETA Helps Animals

Mandy and Dove

PETA rescued these two filthy, matted poodles from a miserable existence in a pen. Both dogs were transferred to the Virginia Beach SPCA for a chance at a better life. Mandy and Dove were thrilled to leave confinement, isolation, and filth behind!

Community Animal Project Dogs


We secured the relinquishment of a 19-year-old quarter horse after his owner contacted PETA for help, saying that he couldn’t keep weight on him—which turned out to be no surprise, since Badger had never had his teeth floated and had been totally deprived of all manner of basic horse care. He was more than 400 pounds underweight and is currently under the care of a veterinarian at a boarding facility. His teeth have been floated, his hooves are being trimmed, and he’s enjoying freedom and alfalfa and exploring new things as he awaits a new, loving home. He’s already gained more than 115 pounds in just over two weeks!

Community Animal Project

Missy, Rover, and Bella

Fieldworkers transported these three friends to and from their sterilization appointments, free of charge.

PETA Saves Animals
From left to right: Missy, Rover, and Bella.


This 12-year-old pit bull was brought to PETA for end-of-life help after her cancer metastasized and she developed a massive leg tumor. All six of Ariana’s family members came with her to say goodbye and were grateful for PETA’s help.

Note CAP


Thanks to PETA, this poodle is no longer chained! Bear was taken in and transferred to the Norfolk SPCA, where his adoption is already pending.

CAP Rescue


We secured the relinquishment of this North Carolina dog, too. Max was also transferred to the Norfolk SPCA for a chance at adoption.

CAP Dog Adoption


Patches found a new home with a friend of a PETA staffer.

CAP PETA Adoption

You, Too, Can Make a Difference for Animals

When you see animal abuse, please always try to stop it or at least report it. Remember: Adopt, don’t shop—and have your animal companions spayed or neutered. You could also volunteer at your local animal shelter or rescue center and ask local government officials how you can help get laws passed that would require animal care standards and ban tethering, breeding, and the selling of animals in pet shops. Click on the link below to learn more and take action.

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