Chained Puppies, an Orphaned Owl, and Many More Animals PETA Helped in July

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In the middle of a hot summer day, Fifi languished alone, chained to a dilapidated picnic table. Her owner left filthy water in a bucket nearly too tall for her to drink from. She’s now waiting for adoption—but if PETA hadn’t come along, who knows how long she would’ve been forced to live every day like this.

PETA Helping Dog

Countless animals like Fifi need PETA’s help. Like always, our field team was busy in July getting animals spayed or neutered, delivering doghouses, ending the suffering of beloved animal companions, and rescuing others from hellish backyards. Thankfully, numerous animals are on their way to a new life.

Just like humans, animals want to live free from agony, fear, loneliness, and neglect. They long for the safety and comfort of family. But it’s often the case that the only food, clean water, or loving touch some ever receive are provided by PETA’s field team.

Check out these highlights of animals PETA helped in July:

We continued vital spay/neuter efforts to combat overpopulation and homelessness.

Spaying and neutering makes a big difference: Just one unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years. In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce an incredible 370,000 kittens!

CAP Spay/neuter
Prissy received free grooming to keep her feeling comfortable (and looking beautiful).
CAP Spay/Neuter
PETA Spay and neuter
We treated Zachary for a severe ear infection, too.
PETA Spay and Neuter Program
PETA Spay and Neuter Program
PETA Spay and Neuter Program
PETA Spay and Neuter Program
PETA Spay and Neuter Program
PETA Spay and Neuter Program
PETA Spay and Neuter Program
Holding Stuart, CAP

We liberated these neglected and abused animals from hellish backyards. Some have already found a new family!

Many people don’t realize the overwhelming number of sick, neglected animals out there who are forced to spend their entire lives on chains or inside cramped pens. McGill suffered with a painful eye infection for weeks. We found Bear in agony resulting from a severe flea allergy. Cupcake would probably have died of heartworm disease if we hadn’t found her.

Animal Rescued from Neglect
PETA Helping Neglected Dogs
PETA Helps Animals
PETA Helps Animals
PETA Helps Dog
PETA Helps Adopt Animals
PETA found Luna locked in a crate outside and had a sincere talk with her former owners, who agreed to surrender her to allow her to have a better life. We delivered her to her new permanent home with a couple who was looking to add a rescued dog to their family.
Rescued and Adopted Animals From PETA
These two bonded kittens (one zoomed out of the picture!) found a new home with a retired man whose granddaughter couldn’t contain her excitement at welcoming two kittens into the family.
Community ANimal Project
This formerly penned little dog found a new home with a family who instantly adored her.
Adopted Cat
Tucker found a wonderful new home with a lovely retired couple!
PETA Helps Animals
It took years and a serious heart-to-heart for PETA to persuade Brownie’s former owners to let us help find him a new family better able to meet his needs. For years, we often found him severely matted—and after he injured his eye and they failed to provide him with needed veterinary care, they finally surrendered him. Brownie received treatment for his eye and now awaits adoption at the Norfolk SPCA.

Dogs forced to live every minute of every day outside in deadly summer heat need—at minimum—water and proper shelter.

Many dogs we visit have nothing to protect them from the elements. Lady‘s only shelter was an area under the steps she was tethered to. We found Neva so tangled that she could barely move. And Jax‘s flimsy plastic doghouse was in desperate need of being replaced.

PETA Doghouses
Lady’s new doghouse.
PETA Doghouse Program
Jax with his new doghouse.
doghouse CAP
Neva in the shade with a new dog house.

For miserable animals on the brink of death, euthanasia is a necessary kindness.

Almost daily, we find animals suffering from deadly conditions like heartworms, horrendous infections, untreated injuries, or debilitating tumors. In other cases, guardians of elderly animals without the means for end-of-life care come to us for help. We’re there for them in those emotionally overwhelming times.

PETA Euthanasia
Community Animal Project
Community Animal Project
A man brought in Molly, his elderly shih tzu, for end-of-life help after she developed horrid skin, eye, and ear infections.
Euthanasia Thank You Note
Note from Molly’s guardian.
thank you note
Note from Pooter’s guardian.
Notes to PETA
Note from Digit’s guardian.
thank you note
Note from Luci’s guardian.
PETA Euthanasia
Winnie’s tragic story should remind people never to allow their cats to roam outdoors unattended. She was brought to PETA for end-of-life help after she came home with a broken jaw. Even though she was on a strong pain medication and antibiotics, her jaw became badly infected and her human knew it was time to let her go. She was peacefully euthanized.
Thank you note to PETA
Note from Winnie’s guardian.
PETA Helps Animals
Thank you note to PETA
Thank you note from Eli’s guardian.
Backyard Dogs, chained, tethered


Community Animal Project
We were horrified when we found Marley—his back was covered with maggots, and his skin was rotting off. We rushed him to a veterinarian for emergency euthanasia. We also followed up with the owners and secured the relinquishment of the remaining “outdoor dog” on their property.

PETA helps and cares about all species.

PETA Helps Owl
A kind but misguided woman took in a severely injured orphaned owl and did her best to care for him for nearly two months (which is illegal). We persuaded her to let us transport the owl for assessment and further rehabilitation. Fieldworkers transported him to a knowledgeable, federally licensed rehabilitation expert.
Injured Goose
This badly injured and practically immobile goose was found in an industrial park, unable to fly and in obvious pain from a broken leg. We captured him and took him to an animal hospital, where a veterinarian determined that he was too far gone and recommended euthanasia.

You, Too, Can Make a Difference for Animals

When you see animal abuse, please, always try to stop it or at least report it. Remember: Adopt, don’t shop—and have your animal companions spayed or neutered. You could also volunteer at your local animal shelter or rescue center and ask local government officials how you can help get laws passed that would require animal care standards and ban tethering, breeding, and the selling of animals in pet shops.

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