Your sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. It’s where many of us gather to relax and connect at the end of the day, so choosing one can be make-or-break for your space. It wouldn’t be very comforting to sit on a couch covered with a dead animal’s skin or stuffed with feathers that were painfully plucked from birds. So when you’re shopping for a new sofa, look for a vegan one that doesn’t contain wool, leather, silk, fur, down, or any other products that were derived from animals.

We’ve compiled this list of stores that carry vegan sofas at different price points to help you find the right one—but be sure to confirm that the entire sofa is vegan. Choose vegan leather and wool-free options, and check to make sure that the cushions aren’t stuffed with feathers or any other animal-derived material.

Povison Furniture

After hearing from PETA, home goods brand Povison Furniture confirmed that it’s down-free, which is great news for ducks and geese—intelligent, loving, and social individuals who need their feathers. It has a great selection of modern-style sofas, including this linen sectional.

grey sectional couch from povison furniture© Povison Furniture


Wayfair has plenty of animal-friendly options in a range of price points and styles. This vegan leather sofa is a great option for those who like the look of leather but don’t want playful, loving cows to die for their couch.

modern vegan leather sofa from wayfair© Wayfair


This is also a great source for vegan sofas. Here’s a relaxed-looking sofa that can fit in a space that’s either modern or traditional.

white vegan sofa from amazon © Amazon


Target offers a range of options, including this vegan leather reclining sofa, which has a mid-century look and is perfect for a small space.



Who doesn’t love shopping at IKEA? This traditional-style sofa is great if you have kids or animal companions because its removable cotton-polyester cover can be thrown in your washing machine.


Now that you have your sofa, try these vegan decor accents:

Crate & Barrel’s cozy, wool-free throw is made from a blend of high-quality animal-free fibers and will look great draped over the back of your couch.

© Crate and Barrel

These high-quality linen pillow covers are free of wool and silk and will add some pizazz to your couch. Opt for a down-free pillow insert.

© Crate and Barrel

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