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Whether you’re looking for a wallet that’s made of vegan leather, canvas, waterproof Tyvek paper, recycled materials, metal, or even cork, this list will help you find the perfect wallet to fit your needs.

Why choose vegan? The production of animal leather is a massive source of pollution, and animals such as cows, goats, and dogs suffer and die for it. In addition to polluting the air with methane and carbon dioxide, leather tanneries around the world contaminate water supplies with toxic chemicals such as chromium that are used to treat leather. When you get right down to it, leather is someone else’s skin that was forcibly torn from an animal’s body. There’s no need to purchase items made from animal skins when there are so many high-quality vegan leather options.

Here are some entirely vegan companies that offer a wide selection of animal-free wallets:


Matt & Nat


photo of black vegan wallet against a peach and blue backdrop

Brave GentleMan

Doshi FCSA

Luca Chiara Accessories

VElove Hong Kong Limited

Cork by Design




Dynomighty Design



The Vegan Collection

The following companies have vegan options but are not entirely vegan, so be sure to check product descriptions before purchasing items:

36 Chambers

Herschel Supply Company




With so many vegan options for clothing and accessories, there’s never any reason to buy items made the way these are:

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