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Cowboy Boots Are Back: Here Are 12 Vegan Leather-Free Styles

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Leather is an ugly material: Every year, the global leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals. If you’re wearing leather, it probably came from China or India. Along with cows, other animals—including sheep, dogs, and cats—are often killed for their skin. There are many new innovations in vegan materials and, specifically, vegan leather that render animal skins unnecessary.

Vegan Cowboy Boots: Good News for the ‘Urban Cowboy’

People’s perceptions about the way that we treat animals are changing, and store shelves reflect this change. From trendy and tough motorcycle jackets to heavy winter coats free of down and wool, vegan clothing has never been easier to find. It’s clear that the future of fashion is vegan, which will benefit both animals and the environment. Here are 12 stylish vegan leather western boots that will take you anywhere you want to go:

1. Kat Mendenhall Cowboy Up Curls in Cranberry Grandeur

These attention-grabbing Kat Mendenhall numbers are like the ruby slippers of western wear.

2. Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather LUCKY High Top Vegan Western Boots

You can own the same boots that Ryan Gosling wore as Ken in Barbie. These “PETA-Approved Vegan” cowboy boots in white from Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather (aka “Good Guys Go Vegan”) also come in black, silver, or red.

3. Will’s Vegan Store Western Boots

These classic boots are made using eco-friendly Italian vegan leather. They’re available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

4. MOMOC Rock Stars Vegan Suede Cowboy Boots

Made from vegan suede and featuring star cutouts, these boots from Spanish brand MOMOC will make you want to dance the two-step.

5. Lulus Edeline Black Embroidered Pointed-Toe Western Ankle Boots

With gorgeous floral stitching, these boots from Lulus are fit for a country music star.

a model's legs wearing a pair of floral embroidered black vegan cowboy boots

6. dELIA*s by Dolls Kill Free Luv Nation Colorblock Cowboy Boots

If your style leans more colorful, these cowboy-inspired boots are sure to make a statement.

a colorblocked western-inspired boot with flowers and a transparent heel

7. Billini x Lulus Damian Scarlet Bone Pointed-Toe Mid-Calf Western Boots

Lulus does it again. The bright red vegan leather and white heart details on this boot make for a bold look.

a red vegan cowboy boot with white heart detail

8. A Perfect Jane Sofie Vegan Apple Leather Western Boots

The design of these boots from Portuguese brand A Perfect Jane takes inspiration from the natural world. And they’re better for the planet, too, because they’re made from animal-free apple leather.

9. Big Bug With Flamed Mouth Flames

You can see the artistry in Kat Mendenhall’s gorgeous pieces. We believe her when she says that her boots are “the first 100% vegan true Texas style cowboy boots on the market.”

10. Roper Bumps Mens Tan Faux Leather Ostrich Western Boots

Ostriches are intelligent birds who share parental duties and care for one another when they’re in their natural environment. Don’t support the cruel leather industry in which they’re treated as objects—buy these animal-free ostrich-style boots instead.

men's brown vegan cowboy boots with a vegan ostrich leather detail

11. Roper Womens White Faux Leather Rickrack Cowboy Boots

The fringe accents on these white vegan leather boots make them perfect for a night out at the dance hall.

white vegan cowboy boots with fringe

12. Silver Canyon Children Western Kids Cowboy Boot

Keep your child’s toes cozy in a pair of classic western boots. The Austin, Monterey, and Star Glitter styles from Silver Canyon are made with animal-free materials and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

girls' brown vegan cowboy boots with pink glitter star details

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