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Put Your Best ‘Fruit’ Forward With These Apple Peel Shoes and Cactus Leather Clutches

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Upgrade your wardrobe with a cactus leather purse or a mushroom leather wallet from one of these animal-friendly brands. Fashion is always evolving, and with products from these innovative and kind designers, it’s easier than ever to make a statement without leaving a body count. Leather, wool, and exotic skins cause tremendous suffering and ecological damage, so we’re thrilled that these compassionate products are more widely available than ever. We owe it to animals and the planet to do better, and we can start with our wardrobes.

These PETA Business Friends are choosing cactus and other plant-based leather instead of animals skins.

O2 Monde

O2 Monde offers an array of footwear in a variety of innovative plant-based leathers. Choose from pineapple (Piñatex) sneakers, cactus (Desserto) sandals, or even stilettos made from wine waste.


Grab a pair of bamboo leather sandals or apple leather loafers from this company.

von Holzhausen

This brand offers bags and ballet flats made with Banbū, a bamboo-based alternative to animal skins. You can even customize car interiors with this animal-free material.

Check out the clever “PETA-Approved Vegan” companies also using these exciting new materials.

Anne Schollenberger

Add some cactus leather flair to your wardrobe with a hat, a bag, and shoes that all match from this animal-friendly brand. It even has dog collars so you and your companion can coordinate with each other.


Fall in love with a beautiful bag made from apple peels, or make someone’s day with a wallet made from mushrooms.

Carmen & Simone

You won’t find any animal skins here, just apple skins. All handbags from this brand are made from apple waste.

Dominic & Dempsey

These children’s shoes made from cactus leather are stylish, sustainable, and vegan.

Frida Rome

Get a handbag in apple or cactus leather—and opt for the “Sinner” version for a fun surprise.

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

Good guys go vegan—and choose AppleSkin sandals and boots over shoes that are cruelly made of animal skins.


“Mela” means “apple” in Italian, so it makes sense that this company’s bags and wallets are made using Italian apple leather.

Minuit sur Terre

Using recycled materials is a top priority for this sustainable fashion brand. There are plenty of options, but we like the sneakers made from wine waste and the apple leather bags.


This brand has a variety of purses and bags in apple, cactus, and corn-based leather.


There’s no shortage of plant-based leather options at this footwear company. Choose from apple, cactus, corn, grape, pineapple, or even orange leather.

NAE Vegan Shoes

Portuguese footwear brand NAE offers a number of animal-free options, such as Piñatex pineapple leather and AppleSkin leather.

A Perfect Jane

Find the perfect pair of shoes made with apple peels from this company.

Rahui London

Designed in London and handcrafted in Italy, these accessories are made from materials like cactus leather from PETA Business Friend Desserto as well as Piñatex and AppleSkin leather.


SASHAY your way to sustainable fashion with a pair of apple leather shoes from this brand.


If we had a say in things, all shoes would be made from mangoes, apples, cacti, and corn—not skin stolen from feeling individuals.


This brand makes some great cactus leather shoes and wallets. Bonus: The company plants a tree for every product sold.


Isn’t it about time you got a vegan watch? Check out the Piñatex collection, or take a look at the apple leather options.

Watson & Wolfe

Sustainability is key for this vegan accessories brand. Its purses, bags, and wallets are available in multiple styles and made using corn-based leather.

Even more companies are embracing the future with plant-based materials.


Cactus leather from Desserto gives these animal-free bags a luxurious look without causing any suffering.

Angela Roi

Choose apple or cactus leather from this eco-conscious vegan brand. Keep an eye out for its mushroom leather products, too.


Every bag from this brand is made from Desserto’s nopal cactus leather.

Santos by Mónica

These sustainable bags are handmade to order in New York City using cactus fibers instead of skin stolen from animals.


Not only does this vegan company use cactus leather instead of animal skin, it also works with organizations to conserve, protect, and restore ecosystems.

Texcoco Collective

This Australia-based company uses cactus leather from Desserto to create fashionable, sustainable, and long-lasting bags.


Many brands offer plant-based, vegan leather options, and we can’t wait to see more join the movement. The leather industry kills animals and destroys the environment. Choose vegan materials—such as leather made from apples, cacti, mushrooms, pineapples, oranges, mangoes, and other plants—in order to make a difference for animals and the planet.

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