Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Share Mini Cow TikTok Videos

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Dear everyone: Please think twice before sharing a TikTok video about mini cows. Despite what these videos portray, a mini cow isn’t a “pet” and buying one is irresponsible and could have severe consequences.

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Share the Facts Instead: 6 Reasons Why No One Should Buy a Mini Cow

They’re bred to have health issues.

Much like “purebred” dogs, mini cows are bred to look a certain way, which can result in a range of health issues and even fatal abnormalities. Breeds that carry the “chondro” gene—which causes shortened limbs—can suffer from breathing difficulties, arthritis, enlarged joints, lameness from poor feet, or heart aberrations.

Mini cows are also susceptible to bloating and grass tetany—a highly fatal disease caused by low magnesium levels in the blood. Additionally, breeding can produce a severe genetic defect known as “bulldog dwarfism”—characterized by a protruding tongue, tiny legs, and a flat face—which typically results in abortion or stillbirth.

Some breeders purposely stunt their growth.

Breeders exploit mini cows for one reason only: profit. Some breeders keep calves malnourished so that they appear smaller.

Mini cows aren’t as miniature as you might think.

A full-grown mini cow can range from 500 to 650 pounds—at least seven times the weight of a large dog.

Mini cows have highly specific needs.

Scrolling through mini cow TikTok videos won’t show you that caring for them is a long-term, demanding, and expensive commitment that most people aren’t prepared for.

In addition to a spacious multiacre pasture with adequate fencing, shade, shelter, proper nutrition, and fresh water, mini cows need vaccinations, hoof maintenance, deworming treatments, and other routine care from a specialized large-animal veterinarian. Cows are also herd animals, so they need to be in the company of other cows to thrive.

Impulse purchases can wreak havoc on shelters.

Families who impulsively buy mini cows as gifts may soon realize that these animals, who can live for as long as 25 years, aren’t easy to care for. Because most shelters—which are already overflowing with animals—don’t have the resources to take them in, mini cows may end up neglected or abandoned.

Countless cats, dogs, and other companion animals await adoption from shelters already—so every time someone buys an animal from a breeder or pet store, another one loses a chance at finding a home.

Buying a mini cow sets a bad example.

Exploiting a mini cow as a “pet” teaches impressionable children that living, feeling beings are objects to be bought and discarded when the initial novelty wears off. Cows are emotional, intelligent animals who love their families, just as we do.

Mini Cows Need Respect, Not ‘Views’

Did you know that cows form long-term friendships and mourn their dead? Some of them hold grudges against their adversaries. These curious, gentle animals don’t want to be exploited as “pets” or killed for food or clothing. If you want to show love to cows, steer clear of breeders and go vegan:

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