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People are learning about the cruelty to animals in the meat and dairy industries. There have been some major changes recently, from a dairy plant closing and re-opening as a plant-based milk factory to Ben & Jerry’s and Breyers both offering vegan ice cream flavors. Did you hear that White Castle has added a second vegan burger to its menu? Not to mention the opening of multiple vegan fast-food restaurants across the country. Let’s be realistic—there are just too many exciting developments to list here.

As the demand for plant-based foods skyrockets, you can’t throw a rock and not hit a package of vegan ravioli at the grocery store. Check out the abundance of brands:

Earth Grown Vegan Ravioli

Make dinnertime a little easier with these new vegan ravioli options from popular grocery store chain Aldi. We know the newest additions to its plant-based brand Earth Grown won’t disappoint—they are made in Italy and come in two flavors, Spinach and Eggplant with Yellow Pepper.

Kite Hill

Kite Hill is known for its sumptuous plant-based cheeses made from almonds, but it recently upped the ante with spinach-and-ricotta and mushroom ravioli. Find it.


Lightlife’s Veggie Sausage ravioli is also filled with roasted red pepper and kale. The Wild Mushroom variety features a mix of porcini and portobello mushrooms.

Vegan Ravioli Dough and Vegan Pasta

Eat Nice

This 100 percent vegan company offers ravioli in Tofu Ricotta and Meaty Walnut flavors. Find it.

Rising Moon

Rising Moon’s Butternut Squash, Garlic & Roasted Veggie, and Spinach Florentine ravioli varieties are vegan, as is its Classic Potato Gnocchi. Find it.

La Pasta

A must-have for ravioli lovers are La Pasta’s dairy-free cheese and spinach and cheese varieties. Find it.

Dairy-Free vegan ravioli from La Pasta brand.


In addition to organic tofu, tempeh, and vegan meats, SoyBoy offers three varieties of seasoned tofu ravioli. The brand is available at health-food stores and co-ops and in the natural food sections of grocery stores.

Nuttin Ordinary

There really is nothing ordinary about this sumptuous cashew cheese ravioli. Find it.


Make your own pockets of perfection with awesome vegan recipes like this Heart-Shaped Spinach and Cashew ravioli.

Vegan Ravioli Dough

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