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2017 is looking very promising for Southern California residents and visitors interested in protecting animals, improving their health, and preventing environmental destruction.

Plant Power Fast Food, San Diego’s vegan fast-food drive-up eatery, is set to open a second location. Buckle up, because it gets better: The restaurant will feature an eight-car drive-up Other bonuses include outdoor seating and a “living” patio, where fresh herbs and veggies will be grown for use in the restaurant’s delectable burgers, sauces, and salads.

The opening of this establishment follows the popularity of Amy’s Drive Thru in Northern California and VegeWay Burger in Las Vegas. We’re confident that this compassionate trend will make its way to the East Coast in no time.

Here are some Plant Power Fast Food menu items that keep us California dreamin’ (for now):

The Rambler

This burger is packed with onion rings, vegan cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, chipotle “aioli,” crispy lettuce, and tomato.

‘Sausage Egg & Cheese’ Biscuit

This sandwich features a tofu “egg” patty, vegan sausage, cheddar “cheese,” and spinach.

Kale ‘Chicken’ Caesar

Just look at this thing—it’s beautiful.

Baja ‘Fish’ Tacos

Crispy battered vegan fish, coleslaw, tartar sauce, salsa, and lettuce fill these cruelty-free tacos.

Mini Corn Dogs

Yes, please.

‘Chicken’ Tenders

These tenders are one of the “small meal” options and come with a side of BBQ, “ranch,” chipotle, or “honey”-mustard dipping sauce.

The Wake & ‘Bacon’

This vegan lunch of champions is fantastic with a side of sweet potato medallions and a chocolate shake.

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