Published by PETA.

Enormous online retailer has ended its sale of angora-wool items and removed all products made with the material from its inventory after learning from PETA that gentle rabbits scream in pain and go into shock when their fur is torn out on angora farms.


PETA hears every day from people who want to shop vegan and support retailers that share their values. Overstock’s kind decision shows that consumers and companies alike are rejecting an industry that plucks rabbits bald without painkillers.

PETA revealed in an eyewitness investigation that workers on angora farms violently tear out rabbits’ fur as they scream in pain, while other rabbits are cut or sheared and invariably wounded by sharp tools as they struggle to escape. The angora-wool industry condemns these intelligent, social animals to years of isolation in small, filthy wire cages. joins more than 230 other companies that have publicly banned angora, including Anthropologie, ASOS, Calvin Klein, French Connection, Gap Inc., Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Zappos, and Zara.

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