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Update: The Breyers website now features not one but two flavors of delicious almond milk ice cream. Vanilla Peanut Butter and Cookies & Cream are waiting for you on store shelves, so check your local grocery store for availability!

Originally posted February 10, 2017:

We’ve just confirmed reports that a new Breyers almond milk ice cream has hit shelves in various Meijer stores in the Midwest.

There’s no mention of the new product on Breyers’ website, and we’re not sure if the company is just testing out the new flavor or rolling it out nationwide. But one thing is certain: We’re stoked!

The new flavor is Cookies & Cream, and the packaging says that it’s “suitable for a vegan diet.”

This news comes just after three new Ben & Jerry’s vegan varieties started popping up in stores and Coffeemate introduced new nondairy coffee creamers. More and more people are learning about the horrors of the factory-farming industry and are switching to vegan eating, so it’s no wonder mainstream companies have started coming out with cruelty-free products.

Thank you, Breyers!

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