Carbs get a bad rap sometimes, but studies have shown that a vegan breakfast rich in fiber and carbohydrates will leave you feeling fuller for longer, which results in a lower caloric intake over the entire day. This is great news for vegan bagel and cream cheese lovers the world over, and purchases of vegan varieties also help reduce the suffering of intelligent, sensitive animals abused in the dairy and egg industries.

Simply check the bagels—or English muffins, if you prefer—and the cream cheeses available at your local grocery or health-food store for animal-derived ingredients such as eggs, dairy products, or honey.

Here are some popular brands that we enjoy in a delicious, vegan breakfast:

Bagels and English Muffins

Vegan Cream Cheese

The horrendous treatment of animals in the dairy industry seems even more absurd when delicious, cruelty-free products are readily available on your local grocery store’s shelves.

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