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We all have a story about when and why we decided to go vegan. It often involves an influential friend or relative, a powerful book such as Animal Liberation or Free the Animals, or an inspiring video. The Bite Size Vegan YouTube videos aim to educate people about animal rights concerns, one “bite-size” morsel of information at a time.

These thoughtful videos aim to help address the questions and concerns that both animal rights newcomers and longtime vegans have. (Because the learning never ends!) They explore a wide variety of topics, from “Do Fish Feel Pain?” and “Is Honey Vegan?” to “Can Vegans Eat Eggs From Backyard Chickens?” and “The Great Egg Conspiracy.”

Here are a few of our favorites. If you enjoy them and learn a few things, why not share them with friends and family members to see if you can’t get a few others to go vegan? Enjoy!

1. “Do Animals Grieve?”

It’s a good question, and the answer is yes. The video provides some compelling examples.

2. “Do Fish Feel Pain?”

Bite Size Vegan explores the scientific debate over whether fish can feel pain in this fascinating and informative video.

3. “Is Honey BEE BARF?? All About Honey! [For Kids!]”

Some of the videos are geared towards children, like this one that addresses where honey comes from.

4. “Can Vegans Eat Eggs From Backyard Chickens?”

Bite Size Vegan finally “lays” this important vegan question to rest.

For more inspiring videos, check out our top 10 most popular food videos of 2016 and see what strides PETA made for animals in 2016.

Want to do more for animals but don’t know how? Going vegan will save nearly 200 animals per year, so pledge to do so today!

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